Herbert Dyer, Jr.

According to the Denver Post, police are looking for the person(s) who fired into an Obama campaign office this afternoon. The incident occurred at about 3 p.m. Denver time, and the office was filled with people. However, according to the police, no one was hurt.

A window was shattered at the West 9th Avenue office. No other damage has been reported. The police indicate that they do not have a “person of interest” in custody. But they are looking at a “vehicle of interest.”

Police are hoping that the surrounding surveillance cameras and actual witnesses will yield the identity of the perpetrators. An Obama spokeswoman would make no comment on the matter.


Those of us who are old enough to remember the “Assassination Decade” will recognize the telltale signs of the beginnings of an ugly period in America's socio-political history.


Civil Rights leader Medgar Evers; four black schoolgirls killed while attending Sunday school in Birmingham, Ala.; President John F. Kennedy.


Three Civil Rights workers in Mississippi: Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney.


Viola Liuzzo, civil rights worker (from Detroit) in Mississippi; Malcolm X, Nation of Islam leader


Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights leader; Robert F. Kennedy, senator from New York

These are merely the most well known and well reported assassinations of the 1960s. There were hundreds more. Many blacks living and working in the south were “disappeared” without a trace during that volatile decade.

Attacks against churches and NAACP field offices were common.

Although the country likes to pat itself on the back by pointing to Obama’s election as a final sign that “white racism/white supremacy” have finally ended, I fear that incidents such as this will only increase as we approach Election Day. And, sadly, should Obama win, or should the election get hung up in charges of fraud, theft, etc., these incidents will become a regular feature, once again, of the American political landscape.

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