Maryann Tobin

Mitt Romney is probably on his way to winning a race with himself, for taking a record number of positions on the same issue. This time, it's abortion.

On Tuesday, Romney told the Des Moines Register he had no plans to push for legislation limiting abortion. Romney has been a supporter of abortion rights since 1994.

Until yesterday, Romney has said, "I have been consistently been pro-life."

However, within hours of Romney repeating his previous pro-choice position on Tuesday, campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul said Romney would support anti-abortion legislation.

Romney's flip-flop on abortion is part of a pattern that has emerged during the course of the 2012 presidential campaign, which is heating up.

In recent weeks, Mr. Romney has taken multiple positions on his plan for health insurance and pre-existing conditions, tax cuts, immigration policy, and how he feels about working-class Americans.

In September, Mother Jones released a politically damaging, secretly taped video of Romney telling supporters at a Boca Raton fundraiser, that 47 percent of all Americans were incapable of taking responsibility for their own lives, didn't pay any taxes, and were hopelessly dependent on government handouts for food, housing and health care.

Last week Romney said it was wrong of him to say such things, but stopped short of apologizing for insulting half the population.

Romney has managed to avoid taking any position at all on some issues, including which tax deductions he would eliminate in order to keep his massive tax cut plan from exploding the deficit—thus negating the need to change his mind.

It is not possible for Mr. Romney to believe in abortion and also support right-to-life legislation; only one statement can be true.

Is Mitt Romney incapable of making a decision and sticking to it? Or is he lying when he says he supports or doesn't support a particular issue?

Either way, it is impossible to know what Romney really believes in when his words constantly contradict themselves, or worse, are authentic gibberish.

The Daily Kos said, "In a meeting with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register, he (Romney) was asked whether health insurers should cover birth control. Here's his jaw-dropping answer: "It’s a question as to, should you get a car painted, you know, red or blue. I mean you can decide which you’d like. People who want to have contraceptive health insurance can choose that in their policy. Those that don’t have—that choose not to can buy a policy with or without. It depends on the kind of policy you buy of course."

Perhaps there are some people who understand what all that really means. And as soon as someone figures it out, Mr. Romney will probably come out against whatever it was that he said.

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