Michael Foster

Mobile marketing budgets remain small, but many marketers find growth in the nascent platform. Several speakers will be discussing the future of mobile marketing at this year's ad:tech and where the growth is going to be.

Four sessions are dedicated to mobile marketing and its hidden powers. In "Mobile Marketing: Best Practices for Cracking Today's Most Intimate Channel," Anheuser-Busch InBev VP of Consumer Connections Maarten L. Albarda will be joining Peter Marx of Qualcomm and David Gill of Nielsen to discuss how brands can stay relevant to mobile consumers by engaging them in a language they understand and a format they will appreciate.

A panel of end-consumer experts from Double Encore, Kiip, JetBlue and AutoTrader will join Maarten to discuss optimization strategies for mobile in "Mobile Marketing Executive View: Cutting-Edge Strategies to Optimize and Enhance Your Current Marketing Efforts." In this panel speakers will discuss how to achieve the best ROI and end-user experience by taking advantage of various technologies available to improve mobile ad targeting and delivery. Apps, cloud computing and web optimization will be at the forefront in addition to a discussion of how new technologies are helping marketers track their costs and maximize engagement on mobile platforms.

Mobile and social go hand in hand, and both topics will be the focus of the panel "Social Marketing Crash Course: Innovative Ways to Listen, Engage & Add Value for Your Brand." Here, Foiled Cupcakes's Mari Luangrath and iVillage/NBC Universal's Lisa Kolodny will join Frank Eliason, Senior VP of Social Media for Citi, to discuss how marketers leverage social media to gain brand awareness and encourage consumer interaction with brands. Social media is about more than marketing, and this panel will discuss how the platform can help marketers exchange ideas with consumers not only to raise awareness of a business, but also to improve the way that business serves its customers.

Finally, in "Advanced Social Strategy: Fresh Ideas to Maximize your Social Reach and Frequency," speakers will discuss social media optimization. Social software tools and services are constantly evolving to help marketers leverage social media more effectively, both by tracking ROI and finding a social ad platform and strategy that works for their particular business. For marketers who feel they are wasting money on social media with poor returns, this panel will discuss how to reverse that trend.

Mobile marketing is set to grow threefold by 2015, and its prominence at this year's ad:tech is more evidence of that trend.

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