Veronica Roberts

I think the president's haters all go to the same place to outsource their bile, for I have seen this misspelled word "lier" in connection with Obama all over the Internet.

To show their anti-Obama sentiment, someone reportedly spray-painted "Muslim Lier" on a giant banner draped on the president's Iowa campaign headquarters. I think a kindergartener could have spelled "liar" correctly.

According to the Huffpost, the 16 X 8 feet blue banner hangs on the north side of the campaign building at 2307 Hubbell Ave. in Des Moines. The red-painted, poorly spelled phrase will cost $500 in damages.

(Read it here: Obama Campaign Building Vandalized With Words "Muslim Lier" In Iowa).

Police reportedly put the time line for the vandalism between 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night and 10 a.m. Thursday. Seems debate night sent a few "Iowa-ans" into a disgruntled mood for some anti-Obama graffiti.

I'm finding that a significant amount of irony is lost on those rabid Obama haters, for those who are ignorant enough not to see the contradiction in calling him a Kenyan Muslim, a Socialist-Communist while ensnared in the deep pockets of Wall Street greedy capitalists and hell-bent on forcing socialism down our throat tend to be those most in need of those programs for which they vilify him the most. They need some good public education and PBS's "Sesame Street" to re-teach them basic phonics, not ot mention some "Obamacare" if medication is needed for their pre-existing mental condition.

Incidentally, the GOP nominee Romney promises to defund and repeal Big Bird and Co. if he gets to the White House. He's not too big on public education either, preferring voucher programs for charter schools, which will allow only a set number of children in, which in turn pit parents against parents in a desperate fight to win the lottery slots available for those charter schools. To hell with the rest of the students stuck back there in the substandard schools.

For those "haters" with pre-existing condition of acute mental deficiency, the emergency rooms will have to do under their "president" Romney.

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