Veronica Roberts

In a break from the incessant politics, I bring you some important news left without the proper coverage an event of this magnitude warrants.

By now we know how it goes:divas and those big egos do not mix well when sharing the spotlight and one such duo almost came to blows.

American Idol thought it was a great idea to hire rapper-diva Nicki Minaj to work alongside another diva of mucho drama, Ms. Mimi herself.

The one and only Mariah Carey, accustom to the spotlight and doting hubby Mr. Nick Cannon Carey, must not have been too please when hard-core Princess Minaj joined the "cast."

It all seem to come to a head in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday as Idol held auditions for wannabe divas and "dudettes."

According to TMZ, and the above video, Ms. Minaj put a tongue-lashing on Carey, complete with bleeped out expletives. The verbal fight wasn't clearly audible but by the body language and by Minaj's pink hair-do whipping every which way, one can suffice there were some very strong emotions at boiling point here.

TMZ claimed their sources told them that Minaj threatened to "knock out" poor Mimi, which reportedly put an end to auditions for that day. Understandably, the two divas had to be given time off to simmer down.

Another website is reporting Mariah Carey was the one who had provoked the verbal altercation by repeatedly throwing jabs at Nicki Minaj.

Whoever started it, Idol should have known that the show wasn't big enough to hold the likes of those two. Poor Keith Urban is seen in the middle of the fight, trying unsuccessfully to quiet the ladies. I don't know where veteran judge Randy Jackson was.

But then again, maybe this is exactly what American Idol wanted after Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez exited:a bit of drama to spark some controversy--for controversy equals ratings. We're writing and reading about it, aren't we?

Mission accomplished.