Maryann Tobin

After two years of congressional control with some of the most radical conservatives ever elected, Americans should be ready to say enough, this is never going to work.

Forget the spin, the half-truths, and outright fairly tales. All you have to do is look out the window. What do you see? How about more poverty among children and the elderly than there should be in the richest nation on earth, a shrinking middle class, millions without health care, fewer college graduates, a nation falling behind in science and technology, low wages, empty homes where families lived before bailed-out banks took them in foreclosures, and a handful of millionaires and billionaires grinning.

Make no mistake: This is exactly what the ultra-conservative America is supposed to look like after 20 years of pro-rich tax policy shifts have given too much wealth to too few people.

Have another look out that window. Has all that wealth redistribution created more or better paying jobs? Has it reduced the deficit or made American children the best educated in the world? Has it raised the quality of life for the country as a whole? No to all.

For those who haven't yet noticed, money from big tax cuts for the rich doesn't trickle-down. It moves to Swiss bank accounts and stays there.

What's happening in American politics now is similar to how some adults try to control children. To get them to do what they want they either lure them with candy, frighten them on purpose or wait until they go to sleep, so when they wake up, it's too late for them to complain about what happened while they were sleeping. If none of the above works, they will sometimes resort to telling the child an outright lie.

It seems like an awful lot to go through to achieve control, but not when the stakes are as high as they are in American politics.

The Republican Party, especially since it was hijacked by the Tea Party in 2010, has been pushing for policies that benefit the wealthy but are doing it in disguise. This should come as no surprise to anyone, since the GOP has been a known quantity on the side of big business, dating back more than 100 years.

The Democrats, on the other hand, imbedded their mark as the party of the working class during the Great Depression, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the WPA and the New Deal.

Polling on individual issues seems to support the suggestion that Americans are more liberal than they think. When asked if they favor entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, people from both parties overwhelmingly support them.

However, during the health care reform debate in 2009, opponents of what is now commonly called Obamacare, called the new law socialism. Political pundits will never forget images of anti-Obama, Tea Party supporters carrying signs that said, keep your government hands off my Medicare.

But many of the people protesting against government control of Medicare didn't know that it was and always had been a government-controlled program.

Even today, many of the people receiving Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits insist that they are not getting any government assistance, according to polling data.

How can so many people be convinced of something that is so completely false?

Renowned economist Paul Krugman put it this way: "Government social programs have been tarred as 'welfare' by the Repubs and right-wingers, so many people probably need to believe Social Security and Medicare, which they love and need, try to believe they're not part of any government social programs. Otherwise, they would feel ashamed, feel they too were 'on the dole' or 'taking handouts.' So, they have to say, no social programs for me; I did it all on my own."

So in reality, people who have been convinced that they are conservative Republicans through clever advertising and political spin are actually liberals enjoying the benefits of so-called "socialism," they just don't know it.

The next step in the conservative GOP agenda is to convince their closet-socialism-loving followers to willingly surrender their Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, so the politicians who take it away are still rewarded with reelection.

Enter the Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan economic plan.

Remember how those "adults" mentioned above got the children to do what they wanted?

Get ready for another round of candy, frightening stories and even outright lies. When the truly liberal, socialism-loving Republicans wake up, they are in for a big surprise.

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