Harold Michael Harvey, JD

A week after polls in Florida show President Obama stretching out his lead over the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket and three days after Vice President Joe Biden spoke in Fort Meyers before 2,000 supporters, the GOP dispatched Speaker of the House John Boehner to Naples, Fla.

Boehner's visit hopes to calm concerns that Florida may be slipping away from the GOP ticket.

Naples' Mayor, Anthony Sorare, said "We need every vote we can get in Collier County to off set the votes we will not get in other parts of the state."

According to the Collier County Election Supervisor's website, as of Saturday, out of 173,000 registered voters in the county 91,000 are registered as Republican, 43,000 are registered Democrats and 41,000 have no party affiliation. Registration is ongoing through Oct. 9.

These numbers makes Collier County ground zero in the fight for Florida's 29 electoral votes.

Republican voter registration effort's have been plagued with allegations of voter fraud in South Florida.

Several hundred registrations have been thrown out due to incompleteness and falsified signatures in 11 Florida counties.

About 75 party faithful rallied in front of the Naples' Republican Party Headquarters to declare their intention to take their country back.

The crowd was no comparison to the Democratic turnout for Biden on Saturday.

Also, the GOP failed to outdraw the 110 persons, who Sunday, attended an open house at a new Organizing for America office, President Obama's grassroots get out the vote campaign, two blocks away from the GOP Headquarters.

The OFA group had to deal with a late afternoon thunderstorm and were without a key national figure to help draw a crowd.

Boehner, a congressman from Ohio, owns a house in a golf community on Marco Island in Collier County.

His speech was short on specifics and relied upon tried and trusted emotional rhetoric. Three times he exhorted the crowd to take their country back. The majority Republican crowd responded their interest in doing so each time Boehner urged them in an emotional call and response.

Recent polls have Obama leading the race in Florida 50 percent to 45 percent.

As a light drizzle fell on the assembled politicos, Boehner told the crowd to disregard the polls. Without citing any source to the contrary, he said the race was a virtual tie. It gave the GOPers hope, and no one questioned his posit.

Boehner, the son of a bar keeper, said he knew a thing or two about running a business. He quickly added that "everything the president knows about running a business, he read in a book." The crowd cheered.

In a 10-minute stump speech Boehner refused to mention Obama by name. At one point speaking about the economy, Boehner said in a reference to Obama, "He just don't get it."

The Speaker was introduced by a childhood friend, Trey Radel, who is in a tight race for Congress in a South Florida district.

Boehner told the gathering that he looked forward to working with Radel in congress and that Radel was there man because in high school he knew Radel to be a tough dude who hung out with other tough dudes.

The slight drizzle of rain that pelted the political rally ended on cue as Boehner concluded his remarks.

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