Veronica Roberts

A lottery story with twists and turns, now ends tragically. Amanda Clayton, who was charged with fraud for collecting welfare after winning $1 million in the lottery, was reportedly found dead in her bed.

The 25-year-old Clayton was found around 9:00 A.M. Saturday, dead, holding her 1-year-old baby daughter in the bed with her. Authorities suspect prescription drug overdose but the official cause of death has to be determined by an autopsy, which is pending.

Her ex-boyfriend Josh Ormanian told local television WJBK that "the Amanda he knew was a caring person" and was a good mother, who just went down the wrong path after her big win. Adding "some people just don't have the will power."

According to ABC News, Clayton, who was from the Detroit area in Michigan, won $1 million in the lottery last year and after taxes received $735,000. Clayton is seen in the above video saying that despite purchasing two homes after her win, she didn't plan on giving up her government assistance.

She reportedly went on to collect over $5,000 in food stamps and medical benefits after her win.

The young mother of two was arrested in June of this year and pleaded no contest to fraud. She was sentenced to 9 months probation in July and had to pay back the sum she had collected after her lottery win.

That state has since passed legislation requiring lottery winners who collect federal assistance, to inform Human Services about their wins.

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