Veronica Roberts

It seems that while the elephant is busy enacting laws to stamp out imaginary voter fraud on the Democratic side, the illegal activity is happening in their camp.

An NBC report stated that widespread voter registration fraud is being investigated in five key battleground states, including Florida.

The Republican National Committee reportedly paid Strategic Allied Consulting of Tempe, Ariz., almost $3 million to whip up registration the legal way, but they allegedly bent the law to acquire signatures.The owner of the consulting firm is defending his record, blaming the suspected fraud on a "few bad apples."

Nathan Sproul is reportedly laying the blame at the feet of workers, who, for $12 an hour, tried to "cheat the system," as he put it. He claimed workers are given extensive training which included a video on how to properly fill out registration forms.

On its website, the firm wrote that they had a "zero tolerance policy for breaking the law," and blamed the fraud on one worker who has since been fired. Strategic Allied also wrote that they were cooperating fully with investigation officials.

Election officials in six Florida counties are currently investigating hundreds of cases of alleged irregulations as the RNC, distancing itself, has severed all ties to Strategic Allied.

The voter fraud included dead people being registered as Republican voters and phony names and addresses. The firm under fire claimed they were hired to register between 4,000 to 5,000 voters for the GOP and have registered more than 2,000 already in Florida.

Suspected fraud was found in Florida counties like Palm Beach, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Lee, Clay and Pasco.

Other states where SAC was hired to register voters for the GOP are Colorado, Nevada, Virginia and North Carolina.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Sproul's firm was accused of voter fraud. Previously named Sproul and Associates and Lincoln Strategy, this same firm was involved in a voter suppression scandal where they allegedly threw out Democratic registration forms and tampered with voter initiatives, during the 2004 George W. Bush campaign.

Despite the repeated accusations and letters from Democratic Senators to then-Attorney General John Ashcroft demanding an investigation, no criminal charged were ever filed against Sproul and his firm to date.

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