Veronica Roberts

President Barack Obama is under fire for his Tuesday visit to ABC’s "The View" and surprisingly, the criticism is coming from both sides. The right-wing media is always accusing those they called “the liberal media” of giving the president a pass most of the time. Mind you, they do the same thing for anything Republican or conservative, but the hypocrisy is ironically lost on them.

Well they should be happy to note that even the resident reigning liberal comics like Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are taking pot shots at Obama’s sit-down with the ladies of that weekday gabfest while neglecting to sit down with any UN leaders in town for their annual soirée. Statistics put this “snub” as the first in 20 years—two decades since a U.S. president did not meet with any visiting world leaders.

In fairness, the leader of the free world did give a rousing speech at the U.N., but he did not meet individually with any of the presidents, prime ministers, dictators or monarchs present. Not even Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi. In light of the unrest in that part of the globe, the killings of ambassador Chris J. Stevens and three others, one would think that Obama would want to “feel out” the new leader.

I know it is an election year and reeling in voters may be a priority and that the demographic for "The View" is an important voting bloc, but the president and his “peoples” should have foreseen how his lack of more than “meet and greet” with the world leaders would appear.

Meanwhile "Fox and Friends" know a juicy bone when they smell one and sink their teeth in they did, slamming President Obama for snubbing the U.N.

Even Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” poked major fun at the president’s expense, and Colbert wasn’t far behind in his brutal jesting. The White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had defended his boss’s absence at U.N. ”pow-wows” saying his busy schedule conflict was to blame. However his gabfest with Barbara Walter, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and the lone resident conservative, the young Elisabeth Hasselbeck—with his First Lady Michelle on tour was fodder for the funny boys.

Television Pundits both liberal and conservative thought this was a miscalculation on the Obama camp's side, though the conservatives were decidedly harsher in their critique, as is expected. After-all, it is partisan word we live in-- with pandering among politicians on one side and partisan reporting in what passes for the media these days on the other. The GOP nominee Mitt Romney is certainly getting his share of pounding daily, and it doesn’t help that he seems like the gift that keeps on giving—to the liberal side, of course.

What do you think: Did the president make a major mistake by omitting to meet with United Nations leaders?

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