Veronica Roberts

Apparently, in an attempt at staying politically relevant, Sarah Palin is giving advice to the GOP presidential ticket Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

According to the Weekly Standard, the former vice presidential candidate and resigned Alaska governor said this in a statement to them on Saturday: "With so much at stake in this election, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should 'go rogue' and not hold back from telling the American people the true state of our economy and national security."

Note the phrase "go rogue," which is close to the title of one of her books, "Going Rogue"—which, incidentally, sold over two million copies. A cheap plug here by the Wasilla beauty? Well, it would not be surprising if it were; the lady has a reputation of being better than the smoothest of cheap snakeskin oil salesman at peddling her brand of "wares."

Though resigning early from her Alaskan governorship and not having any other solid professional position, Palin and her family have managed to parlay their two minutes of fame into millions of dollars, with the requisite reality show thrown in. Even her daughter, who was a pregnant teen during her 2008 VP run, has secured her own reality television show.

Who needs to uphold their obligation to the folks of Wasilla by serving out her term as governor, when she can make a truckload of money gabbing as one of the "cast members" over at “Fox and Friends,” securing speech engagements and penning books?

Palin's unsolicited advice to Romney and Ryan did not stop there. She even ventured to put religion into it when she invoked Jesus in the conversation, reportedly saying, "America desperately needs to have 'a come to Jesus moment' in discussing our big dysfunctional, disconnected and debt-ridden federal government."

The "Going Rogue" author also took the time to slam President Obama for not knowing what the national debt was during a recent visit to “The Late Show with David Letterman ,” calling it "appalling." Palin added that even her 10-year-old daughter knows the deficit is $16 trillion and she didn't add a penny to it, unlike the president.

Palin is dispensing advice to the GOP presidential nominee duo, when she was "banned" from the recent Republican National Convention held in Tampa, as if she was the plague? Does she think her invitation was mistakenly lost in the mail?

Pssst … Sarah, just a little word of advice: If anyone in the Republican party cared to hear what you had to say, they would have featured you as a prominent speaker at the RNC—after all, you were the VP nominee a mere four years ago. You should be very relevant, but alas, you aren't. Well, maybe to your mama grizzly bear fan club, but certainly not to the GOP.