Veronica Roberts

Ann Romney has recently called for the criticism of her hubby Mitt to stop. She thinks it has gotten way too harsh for her taste and wants everyone to treat the GOP presidential nominee like the good man she knows him to be.

Unfortunately, it goes with the territory, Ann. Have you seen the things your side has thrown at President Obama? I know the Democrats are throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at your beloved hubby, and your instinct is to protect what's yours. But trust me, it could have been a lot worse.

What has that big bad "liberal media" said about your husband? That he is a tax-dodger, a filty rich venture capitalist who has made a boatload of money while paying a small percentage in taxes, a flip-flopper, an Etch-a-Sketch artist, a well-lubricated weather vane. Oh wait a minute, these last labels were slammed by Romney's fellow Republican candidates during the race for the nomination, so that's your side doing the name-calling.

And in fairness, your husband did bring most of the criticism on himself, for he refused to release his tax returns, and now this latest wave of negative press is as a result of his covert pounding on almost half of America. You must expect people to get upset if you call them lazy moochers and welfare queens, especially if the person doing the negative stereotypical labelling enjoys tax breaks from the same government. Can you understand how that would be a bitter pill to swallow?

You can understand how stay-at-home mothers who are not fortunate like you to have access to millions of dollars would be offended when your husband calls your staying at home to raise children "honorable" and "selfless" but slammed those mothers who do not have your kind of money, saying they need to go back out to work as soon as they have their babies "so they could learn the "dignity of working?"

(Read more on this and see video here:

Your husband even said that as governor of Massachusetts, he spent more money pushing those mothers back out into the work force than it would have taken to help them stay at home a little longer with their babies, all to teach them "pride" in working?

Do you see how all these things combined could make folks want to pile on?

Plus, have you had a talk with Michelle Obama on how to handle the stones thrown? For you and Mittens do have some stones coming your way, I will agree, but the presdient and the first lady have had giant boulders coming their way for more than four years.

Has your hubby Mitt ever been called the confusing, illogical mixture of Nazi, a Socialist, a Marxist, a big fat capitalist friend of Wall Street and bailed-out banks, stupid, the worst president ever, a Harvard fraud, unAmerican, an illegal president, a Kenyan Muslim, and/or a terrorist sympathizer? The last one was your husband doing the name-calling, by the way.

And those are just a few of the boulders thrown. What about the N-word? Yes, he has been called that, too, and I do not mean "nice." Your side has also attacked Michelle, calling her fat, ugly, a jet-setting wasteful big spender who is forcing her healthy eating down our kids throat. How dare she look out for America's kids who are getting fatter every day!

You see, the bashing comes with the territory, and for the Obamas, well, there was a heaping helping of extras thrown in for good measure. It's understandable I suppose, they do look "different" than all the rest who have graced the White House, plus the president does have that weird, foreign sounding name and fuzzy birth certificate. Even your husband Mitt couldn't help but poke some fun at his expense with his "birther" moment.

So the stones coming at Mittens doesn't even begin to compare to those thrown by your side, and if the president and Michelle can weather that storm, I'm sure you and Mitt can too. Thank goodness you have all that money to ease the stress and pain. Do a spa break or jet to the balmy Cayman Islands for a little R&R or to count the money stashed there, whatever works out the kinks in your neck.

My sincerest sympathies but chin up: If you really want to get to the White House, this is only the beginning. Prepare for years of endless bashing. And remember this is still a democracy, not a dictatorship, so contrary to what you might have thought--what with big money controlling this country--you can't order anyone to stop, shut up, censor or behead the loud mouth critics. You simply have to live with it.

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