Veronica Roberts

Poor Mitt Romney seems to be taking a pounding lately. What with his much criticized handling of the U.S.consulate killings in Libya followed closely by his secret video lambasting almost half of voters and his 360 degree flip in the press after, no one would blame him if he just sat in a corner and wept.

But the GOP Presidential candidate is pressing on, valiantly trying to do damage control. Part of that included Wednesday's visit to Univision in Miami, where he sat down with hosts Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena for an interview with the Hispanic community. Another raised eyebrow moment is stalking Mittens, for many are accusing him of donning "brown face" for that television interview.

Critics say either Romney is taking tanning tips from Speaker John Boehner or he meant what he jokingly said at that fundraiser.--that is would help if he was Latino. The almost orange face sported at Univision was absent when seen on the campaign trail just a day before.

I know during that hastily held press conference a few days ago, he was definitely not this "toasted." Maybe he played some serious rounds of golf in the tropics? That would be believable-- that he went to check on his offshore stash in the balmy Cayman Islands. The only thing wrong with this excuse for the bad tan is he didn't have time to jet out to the Caribbean, for he was out on the campaign trail for days now. If the presidential nominee did indeed "color" his face, this is a new low of pandering even for him. I know his campaign is in crisis mode, but still.

The "brown face" accusation is just another in a long line of trouble trailing Romney. He created a furor when people saw the video of him saying that 47 percent of the population would not vote for him because they played the victim often and depended on President Obama to give them government handouts.

Operaring with damage control at critical mast, he is now singing a completely different tune.He now says he is a "man for "all of the people" and if elected would work hard for 100 percent of the population.

He is either lying now or he was lying to his rich campaign donors when he said he could never convince the 47 percent of moochers to vote for him, so he was only working on the five to 10 percent independents out there.

Romney can't logically adhere to the two, can he? Or maybe he can for most of his fellow presidential candidates have called him a "flip-flopper," an "Etch-a-Sketch. My favorite came from Jon Huntsman, who called Mittens a "well lubricated weather vane." I think that is the best description I have heard of the former Massachusetts governor to date.

Check out the video above for parts of the interview and observe the overdone, toasty face. Just a healthy, natural tan from stumping across the country, or is he taking beauty tips from reality TV star Snooky and Boehner?

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