Veronica Roberts

As the public digests more and more of Mitt Romney’s secret videotaped rant about almost half of the population, questions of just who the unknown “Anne Onymous” could be are starting to surface.

We know that the President Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter IV, was responsible for pushing the explosive video onto the public stage with the help of the Mother Jones website, but no one knows who the secret videographer is.

This got me to thinking: Did one of the mooching "47 percent" serving at the swanky $50,000 a plate fundraiser videotape "Master Romney” and his co-horts after getting tired of hearing him pounding on people, including them?

It is astonishing to hear the Republican presidential nominee condemn, condescend, and pass stereotypical harmful judgments as he marginalizes and slaps ignorant labels on a huge section of this country. He was painting everyone with the same myopic brush while being served by some of these same people he was talking about.

I know it didn’t dawn on him that his servers were listening. People who have been raised or grown to think that they are the entitled ones because of excessive wealth and privileges, seldom get that. He seemed to have overlooked that the ones silently pouring the fine wines, dishing out the expensive food, waiting with warm towelettes in the bathrooms, mopping and wiping and washing and cleaning in the background like mere backdrop props can hear every word they say during these sort of soirées.

I know it didn’t occur to him that the workers walking around like shadows at his fundraiser could be offended by him calling them shiftless, lazy and lacking work ethics. I know it didn’t enter the superior, self-righteous space that he inhabits, that those blue-collar workers know exactly how to take responsibility for their lives. Know how to work hard to provide for themselves and their families and would take offense to being called tax dodgers, living high on the government dime.

His whipping of the working poor, middle class, elderly, vets, disabled, and college students went on for over an hour, and I guess one of those workers couldn’t hold the bile down much longer. Or maybe one of his rich contributors had a crisis of conscience and decided to put Mitt on blast, or was it his wife Ann, who may also secretly care more for humanity than she lets on? Note the anonymous YouTube poster used the name “Anne Onymous.” Of course I jest, the missus of the manor would never betray her "Lord of the manor.”

My money is on my first guess, but stranger things have happened. Just as I resent Romney’s lumping everyone into the same category, all rich aren’t cut from the same mold. There are rich folks with compassion, empathy, morality, ethics and a sense of fair play. We just need more of them and less of those with the mentality of Romney.

Who do you think posted the now infamous Romney fundraiser videos?

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