Joe Kukura

You remember "Sh*t Girls Say", the viral video that won the internet this past December by putting a dude in a drag wig and having him repeat a litany of cliche phrases that women might use in conversation. The series has 30 million views on YouTube, and has inspired countless copycat versions, from "Sh*t Drunk Girls Say" to "Sh*t Sri Lankan Mothers Say".

The boys behind "Sh*t Girls Say" are back, with a new episode in the popular ongoing web series. Not surprisingly, the new episode is coming out the same day that the creators release their newly-published book. Like, seriously, I am not even kidding here.

"Sh*t Girls Say - Episode Four" just arrived on YouTube, and may be the most important Episode Four since Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star and became A New Hope. The new episode does not feature a cameo from Juliette Lewis like the first "Sh*t Girls Say" video, but it is quite funny and features the series' signature maginificent and clever editing.

This news can't come soon enough for Mitt Romney, who really needs some viral video other than his own to come along and change the subject on YouTube.

The quips on the new "Sh*t Girls Say" video are all brilliant, but I have to be honest. I'm a guy, and I use phrases like "Excuse me!" and "What's your dog's name?" all the time. Some of that sh*t is actually sh*t that guys say, too.

The whole "Sh*t Girls Say" phenomenon started in 2011 as a Twitter feed, one which now has nearly two million followers. Creator Graydon Sheppard, the one who appears in the videos wearing a wig and saying the sh*t that girls say, posted the first YouTube video in December 2011. That video went very viral, and both Sheppard and his co-star Juliette Lewis won Webby Awards  for Best Actress -- even though one of them is a guy.

"Sh*t Girls Say - Episode Two" appeared within two weeks of the first, as the meme became a full-blown phenomenon. "Sh*t Girls Say - Episode Three" was posted in late December of 2011, but it's a little repetitive and made you wonder if the "Girls" had gone and jumped the shark.

The new Episode Four, though, brings the girl back in rare form with a number of girlie phrases that hit a little too close to home. "I keep thinking today's Tuesday" might be the new big and popular meme -- for the next-to-last week of September, at least.