Michael Rappaport

Is Mitt Romney done?

Every day seems to bring some new goof, another way for people to see that Romney isn't even capable of campaigning for president, let alone being president.

In a video from earlier this year, published on the liberal Mother Jones website, Romney shows little but contempt for the 47 percent of Americans who make too little money to have an income tax liability.

His worst remark?

"I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility for their own lives," he told a group of fat-cat donors.

So who are these scumbags who steal money from productive Americans?

I'm one of them, perhaps a member of the largest group that makes up the 47 percent. I don't have a tax liability because my only income is a monthly check from Social Security.

That's right, most retired people don't make enough to have to pay income tax.

The next group might surprise you. Many enlisted men and women in the military -- particularly in the lower ranks -- don't make enough money to have an income-tax liability.

That's fairly disgraceful. "Support the troops" is a nice bumper sticker, but we don't really do a very good job supporting our troops.

Then there are the working poor, the folks trying to do a very American thing -- to improve their life enough so that they can make a better life for their children.

We already know how Mittens and the other Republicans feel about them. A few months ago, someone asked a Republican candidate what he thought of the fact that she had no insurance.

The candidate said, "Get a job."

The woman replied, "I have a job."

The candidate countered with, "Then get a better job."

These are the people -- retired seniors, the enlisted military and the working poor -- that Mitt Romney is demonizing. There really are very few non-handicapped people in this country who collect government checks without working.

And of course, these people do pay taxes. Sales taxes, gas taxes, property taxes (at least in the case of seniors) and payroll taxes to support Social Security and Medicare.

No matter what Willard believes, the so-called 47 percent aren't the core of Obama's voters. Seniors and the military are two groups that usually vote Republican, and an awful lot of the working poor are in so-called red states.

Romney better hope Obama doesn't get that whole 47 percent. Otherwise the Republican ticket might not get 40 percent of the national popular vote.

I'm shaking my head -- as many Republican strategists are these days -- in wonder at how the GOP could have nominated such an inept candidate. There may be a strong case made for not re-electing President Obama, but W. Mittens Romney is not the right candidate to make it.

Jeez, it's like they nominated Scrooge McDuck or Thurston P. Howell.

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