Joseph Thomas

Anxiety runs deep on the eve of the overhyped iPhone 5 debut. Prepare to be massively disappointed with Cupertino’s offerings. Based on what I’ve seen –and read – the iPhone 5 won’t be competitive. It may “look” and “feel” nice, but that’s where it stops. In retrospect, Apple has always been behind the curve with specs. Heck, their MacBooks still don’t have Blu-Ray drives!

Nonetheless, the iPhone 5 is going to be evolutionary, not revolutionary. The screen is the best example of a company who has lost their way. While Sammy ousts their latest 4.5-inch better-than-HD screens, Apple insists on a small, 4-inch panel. And yes, a 4-inch screen these days is small compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III and forthcoming Samsung Note II.

Screen aside, few of the hyped features are far from innovative. Yes, Apple had to ditch their ancient 30-pin dock connector for something smaller. You don’t say? Micro USB connectors, which are vastly popular in, well, everything but Apple devices, have been around for years. It’s not innovative – it’s the need to survive.

Next-generation wireless (LTE) is another prime example. You do realize LTE has been around for several years, right? A little late, Apple, don’t you think? Battery life is merely an excuse for Apple to prolong the inclusion of LTE. When, in reality, it should’ve been in the iPhone 4S.

Near-Field Communications (NFC) is a mainstream feature Apple is simply overlooking. They didn’t even bother to find a wannabe innovative solution. Oh, wait. They did. But in typical Apple fashion, they prettied up an iOS app and claims it is “better” than the actual hardware.

And you thought Apple was remotely innovative? Ha!

Has Apple Lost It’s Magic?

One of the biggest questions that will arise out of tomorrow’s lackluster product launch is if Apple has lost their way without the late Steve Jobs. The answer is yes, Apple has failed to innovate – release a “groundbreaking” product – since Steve Jobs left his post as CEO.

Apple’s “magic” has dissipated since the original iPad debuted in 2010. Every device since has been an evolutionary upgrade. Meanwhile, other companies have entered the marketplace, creating similar models that have more robust features and specs. And despite the Android fragmentation, Google is catching up on the UX front with Jelly Bean.

Fanboys, Don’t Worry…Yet!

The iPhone will be no different. Yet, even lacking essential features like NFC; it will be the top-selling smartphone of Q4. Heck, analysts even think it can single-handedly boost the U.S. economy. And Apple knows this. That’s why they aren’t scared to release a subpar device. They know millions of people will buy them anyway.

However, there should be serious cause for concern if iPhone 4 owners aren’t impressed with Apple’s newest offering. These folks, who are out of contract, are waiting to see what Apple unveils. If they’re not impressed, who do you think they’ll turn to? My bet’s on Sammy. Why do you think Apple is feverishly trying to get their flagship device – the Galaxy S III – banned?

No, I’m NOT an Android User

Contrary to what you may think after reading this, I don’t own a single Android device. Apple runs through my gadget DNA – from MacBooks to iPads (1 and 3), and iPhones to iPods. However, the truth hurts. Apple isn’t innovating.