Joseph Thomas

While Website Magazine claims SEO is dying, I say we’re entering a new era of search optimization. The tactics – and to a degree, philosophy – may have changed. But the need for solid metrics – e.g. tracking your efforts – hasn’t. How can you ensure your organic search marketing efforts are paying off? By tracking rankings, measuring competitor performance, and aggregating historical data.

I came across a piece of software, Advanced Web Ranking complete SEO software, which solves the ever-important issue of Metrics and Optimization. Whether you run your own website, an Internet marketing firm, or company website, Metrics define the success – or failure – of your work. The software is a full-service keyword-based SEO tool that analyzes, suggests, and tracks terms.

Why Track Rankings?

Advanced Web Ranking (“AWR”) ties into Google Analytics, which allow you to see which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site. By leveraging the plethora of data provided by AWR, you can optimize for those top-performing terms or create landing pages (e.g. using HubSpot) for lead-generation (converting visitors to customers).

Climb the Ranks

Advanced Web Ranking supports unlimited keywords, websites, search engines, and projects. Unlike web-based tools, you aren’t limited in scope. See your content marketing efforts pay off real-time by watching your keywords climb spots on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, among many others. See how removing or adding content, redesigning your site, and optimization impact your performance by viewing comparative data. For those looking for the basics, AWR also provides the overall visibility of your keyword across search engines.

It’s Safe and Automatic

If you’ve ever had to enter CAPTCHA’s on Google, you’re doing it wrong. The software automatically has “search safety” features, which emulates human search. In layman’s terms, the search engines won’t realize it’s a program conducting the queries. Advanced Web Ranking also includes built-in proxy servers to further hide your IP address (online identity). To streamline reporting and tracking, you can schedule keyword updates, which work silently behind the scenes ensuring your data remains current.

Research – The Key to Success

Keywords are meaningless unless you have data to support their existence. Advanced Web Ranking integrates with SEMRush, a keyword suggestion tool, in addition to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Webmaster Tools API. You can also receive automatic suggestions via Google, broadening your portfolio of terms.

Using these tools, you can view your keywords by average search volume, competition, and commercial value. This data enables you to target your optimization for high trafficked, low competition terms. Plus, you’ll likely discover additional terms you rank for using the built-in suggestion feature. The process is much more fluid and intuitive than using individual tools and juggling the data across platforms.


This is the best part; you get to show off your hard work to clients, employers, investors, or anyone else! Advanced Web Ranking includes multiple templates, which document your progress. These reports can be printed, saved as PDF, emailed, or posted to an FTP server automatically based on a pre-defined schedule. These reports are white-labeled, so clients think you prepared them by yourself. Little did they know how easy it was!

More Than Keywords

Advanced Web Ranking is a comprehensive suite, which contains valuable social media, content optimization, and performance capabilities.

Social Media

Track and aggregate social media sharing statistics for each page of your website by monitoring activity on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. You can monitor multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, too. The program seamlessly monitors social activity, allowing for customizable reports that show your social evolution over time.


Advanced Web Ranking evaluates your webpages and identifies gaps – or deficiencies – with your current on-page optimization. These suggestions align your site with SEO best practices while helping to improve your search positions. For the technical aspect, Website Auditor checks your pages for their indexing status and identifies other issues.


In collaboration with SEOmoz’s Linkscape Database, AWR helps you build a comprehensive link profile for your websites. Understanding who links to you – and your competitors – allows for better control over your optimization. See the most common anchor text and keep tabs on your highest performing backlinks.

What Else Could You Want?

The SEO scene is rapidly changing, but the need for accurate data and metrics isn’t. Advanced Web Ranking empowers you to take control of your website through data.