Herbert Dyer, Jr.

William Jefferson Clinton did what he was supposed to do last night:  Tell white folks – especially white men -- that it’s time, passed time, to get over your disdain for black people. 

As a self-described “country boy” from "Big Foot Country" in Arkansas, and as the Democratic Party's last two-term president, only Clinton could be so direct, believable and down to earth, speaking a truth that even the whitest of white racists cannot deny.  The Republican Party is a party of not just white supremacists, but rich white supremacists.  It has covertly and overtly employed “race” (the infamous “race card”) to secure power and position since (in the modern era) 1968.  Everything they stand for, according to Clinton, is based on the manufactured hatred of black people.

“Manufactured?”  Sure, rich white men, for the most part, founded, established and have owned and run this nation-state to serve their very own particular and narrow interests – at the expense of everyone else, including poor and working class white people, again, especially poor and working class white men.  I will not review the sordid history here, but advise you to look up something called “Bacon’s Rebellion,” the beginning of “white supremacy” in 1676, a full one hundred years before slave rapist Thomas Jefferson declared that, “…all men are created equal.”

  Clinton’s speech was directed to those white men who think that there is nothing wrong with having a $250 million president.  Why?  Because, they think, if I work hard enough, long enough, maybe someday, some way, some how I will get rich, too. Plus, he wouldn't have all that money if he wasn't a righteous man.

  And then there is also this:  Even if your average white guy never achieves nirvana, that brass ring… even if they must forever live from paycheck to paycheck,…and never achieve the status of being “rich,” well…at least I ain’t black.

Clinton broke it down for all to see.  These rich "white" Republicans do not care about you.  They care only about money and power -- and in that order.  They, the rich ones, don’t care that much about “race.”  As stated, it is a useful tool, a means to an end, for they know the truth just as Clinton does:  That if this society opens up to everybody, especially black people, then they lose.  They lose power.  They lose the power.  They lose the power to continue to exploit not just blacks and other "minorities," but you and your family.  They lose the power to pay you just enough to keep you working for them.  They lose the power to manipulate and skew all "the markets" in their direction.

  When Clinton first came to power, somebody asked me what I thought of him.  “Just another white boy,” I answered.  And so he was….until he got a good, up close and personal look at those other white guys -- you know, the ones who really run this country, its banks, its multi-national corporations, its capital markets, the "news media." Their bought and paid for "Congresses" denied and denigrated Clinton's wife’s health care proposal.  Called her everything but a child of God.  They turned over every rock they both stepped on since birth trying to find something, anything to discredit this Arkansas “country boy.”  Even accused him of murder….And then they impeached him.

  Clinton learned from that experience who the real enemy is.  And it wasn’t black people.

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