Harold Michael Harvey, JD

CHARLOTTE N. C. - "Ann Romney knows she ain't no Michelle Obama," said Sammie Wiseman, a non-delegate attending the Democratic National Convention this week in Charlotte.

"Michelle knows she tore that speech up," the business woman from Gulfport, Miss., continued. "I just like the way she said everything."

Wiseman, a member of the Gulfport chapter of the Federation of Democratic Women, drove to Charlotte with 18 other members of her chapter.

The air around Charlotte was abuzz Wednesday with talk of the speech first lady Michelle Obama gave at the convention on Tuesday. She told Americans that Barack Obama was perfect, just like he was before he became President Obama.

Allvoices sought out nationally recognized political pundits and posed two questions: What did you think of Michelle Obama's speech, and what is your comparative anaylsis of hers versus Ann Romney's?

ABC News verteran political commentator Cokie Roberts was spotted rushing through the Charlotte Convention Center to go live on a broadcast. So in my best Sam Donaldson style, I shouted the questions to Cokie Roberts. Ms. Roberts after years of working with Sam Donaldson didn't miss a step, she looked back and responded. "She (Michelle Obama) was good. They were both good."

Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican Party was at the Democrats' convention to cover the event for CBS News. He was even handed in his reply.

"They both did what they had to do for their husbands," Steele said.

He added, "Because of their speeches, we now have a different look at each man individually, as president and as potential president."

Steele begged off the question of which speech was the best.

"You really can't compare them because the styles were so different," he said.

Clarence Page, veteran writer for the Chicago Tribune and consumate journalist, flipped the question back to this journalist. "What did you think of the speech?" he queried.

Page, then said he "... was not surprised by how good Mrs. Obama spoke. I expected her to be good."

He left for another day a comparison of the two women's speeches.

Allovices would love to hear from our readers. What do you think? Did Ann Romney nail it better than Michelle Obama?

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