Veronica Roberts

The second televised night of the Democratic National Convention kept the momentum going. After Tuesday saw a bevy of memorable high-impact speakers including first lady Michelle Obama, San Antonio Mayor and keynote speaker Julian Castro and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Wednesday's performance didn't disappoint.

The old guard came to stump for the new guard, and what a powerful push it was as former president Bill Clinton passioantely made his case for four more years with President Barack Obama at the helm.

But this is not about the electrifying speeches given at the DNC, but what one person tweeted about the women who took the podium by storm on Tuesday, and many are reportedly highly upset. So upset, that a petition has already been drafted and circulated.

CNN conservative political analyst, radio host of WSB (AM) and managing editor of the blog "" Erick Erickson, is in hot water with feminist groups who want him fired for the tweet he sent on the first night of the convention, referring to the event as "the Vagina Monologues," comparing the gathering to the popular feminist play of the same name.

The exact tweet was, "First night at the V*gina monologues is going as expected." Erickson has since apologized but the outraged group Ultraviolet still wants CNN to fire him, for they say this is not his first offensive towards women.

Erickson also came down on the side of that other controversial (and some say sexist) conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who had called the young Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" for speaking on birth control being covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Fluke was one of those who took the podium at the Convention on Wednesday night, for she became an instant celebrated activist after Limbaugh's offensive tirade.

While most Democrats saw the night as overwhelmingly successful, Republicans criticize. That's expected, for it is the name of the game. The opposing teams cannot, under any circumstances, praise the other side.

In fact, CNN and others are advertizing the conventions like they were Monday Night Football or the Super Bowl, complete with mood music and prime time slots.

What do you think:should CNN fire Erickson for his "Vagina Monologues" tweet?

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