Harold Michael Harvey, JD

CHARLOTTE, N. C. - That's right. The next president of the United States will most likely to be a Massachusetts governor. He has a legal education and has successfully run his state.

He will be featured prominently on the nightly news programs tonight.

Now, not so fast. Tonight Americans will get to hear from Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. Patrick is slated to speak at the prime time hour of 9 p.m.

He will speak right before the keynote address of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and first lady Michelle Obama. However, unlike the other two speakers, his address will only be covered on cable television.

Patrick, a Democrat, is a two-term Massachsuetts governor. He followed the previous Massachsuetts governor, Mitt Romney, who this year is waging a battle for the White House against President Obama.

Tonight's address will give Patrick an opportunity to catapult himself upon the national stage similar to how President Obama worked his address at the 2004 Democraitc convention.

In Denver, in 2008, Patrick was a new Democratic governor and was given a broader television audience for his speech than he will receive tonight.

His term will expire in January of 2015, and although he is not posturing for the office of president, his articulate presentations make him a person to watch in 2016.

Don't think it is likely that an African American can succeed President Obama?

Voters in Atlanta thought the same thing when the city's first African American mayor, Maynard Jackson, was nearing the end of his term.

Subsequently, the city turned to another African American, former U. N. Ambassador Andrew Young. Jackson's election ultimately led to the election of the first female mayor of the city of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin. Perhaps the nation is not far behind the Atlanta model.

Yesterday Patrick had a busy day. He began the day by delivering an address to the Virginia delegation and ended the day introducing the singer/songwriter James Taylor in an outdoor concert in the heart of the Charlotte business district.

Patrick was picked as a one-two punch to introduce James Taylor (along with North Carolina Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton) because Taylor, a native of North Carolina, has since adopted Massachusetts as his home.

A clue to Patrick's future after the convention came when Dalton followed Patrick's introduction by telling the concertgoers "this man (Patrick) has a great future."

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