Harold Michael Harvey, JD

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jim Baumon of Charlotte staged a one-man demonstration outside of the headquarters of the DNC today. Click the video link as he explains why he is staging this one man protest.

Baumon's protest came minutes after several hundred protesters marched the street in front of the Charlotte Convention Center for a variety of left-progressive political issues.

This protest, like Baumon's, was peaceful. The protesters voiced concerns over same-sex marriage denials, a woman's right to abortion, opposition to all wars, the shutting down of Wall Street and many others.

Police marched with the demonstrators and at one point, one would have thought it was a police on parade show as the street was literally filled with the men in blue.

A police bike patrol from Texas marched with the contigent, and with a quite show of force, out numbered the demonstrators.

It is evident that public safety is an over-riding concern at this convention. It appears that the strategy is to throw more people power at the demonstrators so they do not get the idea that it is possible to disrupt the convention this week.

Baumon said he started his one man protest three weeks ago and that he got a feeling of satisfaction from his activism.

"Let's call the solution 'Fair trade', not 'Free trade," Baumon said.

Big Labor is expected to stage a demonstration in the coming days to protest the national movement towards Right to Work legislation. In Right to Work states, the employer can fire an employee for cause or no cause. These states tend to be anti-union.

Sunday's protests were remarkable for not disturbing the sensibilities of the police. Baumon said he will be back on the streets of Charlotte tomorrow and each day until the Democrats leave town.

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