Veronica Roberts

A Slightly Satirical Slant:The funny side of serious

The speeches were endless, the truth fudged frequently, the Obama bashing brutal, the constant chants of “U.S.A.” loud, insistent and sometimes awkward -- but the most memorable “act” of the Republican National Convention was actor Clint Eastwood’s empty chair moment, still making the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

Sadly Mitt Romney was upstaged by “Dirty Harry” who made my day with his weird 11-minute conversation directed at an empty chair. After launching a commercial during the last Super-Bowl touting all the positives of President Obama’s auto industry bailout, the “donkey party” thought he was on their side and the Elephant was fighting mad. You see Eastwood is a Republican and cries of politicizing the Super-Bowl halftime in favor of the Obama administration, was levied at Chrysler, the company behind the ad. (Click on the video above to check out the ad).

Then he showed up to back the elephant side, and what a memorable backing that was. Comedians everywhere are thanking him for his gift and “Tweeters in Twitter-land” can’t seem to stop tweeting about it, celebs and mere mortals alike. Paul Ryan must have genuflected and closed his brilliant baby blues in thankful prayer, for the soliloquy certainly took the spotlight off the fact-challenged speech he delivered.

Poor Mittens, (sorry, I know those two words together is oxymoron but bear with me, I’m just trying to make a figurative point), he just can’t get a break at being the cool guy in the room who commands all the attention for once.

Not that the speech was earth-shattering, where we learned something new about the “mystery that is Mitt.” Through his entire speech, where he did a bit of war-mongering, an omission stood starkly. He forgot to even mention the troops he’s angling to send off to another war.

So as the strippers count their dollar bills and topless bars tally up their tab, the elephant has picked up its empty chair and left town to stump some more.

Meanwhile, the donkey is rearing to go, preparing for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., beginning Monday. It's their turn to ratchet up the rhetoric, to counter the offensive delivered at the RNC Tampa festivities and make their case for four more years of “braying.” If President Obama’s Tweet posted to Twitter in response to Clint Eastwood chair rendition is any indication, they have no intention of backing down to the rampaging elephant. Poking fun at the whole episode, the president posted a photo of the back of a chair, with him sitting in it and the message, “This seat's taken.”

Counterpoint. The battle is on. Let the real "Hunger Games" continue. Stay tuned for more.

Written by Veronica Roberts 9.2.12

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