Harold Michael Harvey, JD

Less than 24 hours after Ann Romney took center stage at the Republican National Convention to urge Americans to get to know her husband Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president, a group of supporters held a party aboard the yacht "Cracker Bay."

In her speech, Mrs. Romney painted a picture of Mitt Romney that few Americans hold as a mental image when thinking of the freshly crowned Republican nominee in this year's contest for president.

She told the conventioneers and television viewers that Mitt was not much different from the average hard-working American. She made no apologies for the wealth his business savvy had brought home for the family.

What is ironic about the party aboard the yacht Cracker Bay is that no average, hard-working American could dream of being invited to partake of the fine wine and food prepared for Romney's guests earlier today.

According to ABC News The Blotter, the Cracker Bay is owned by Gary Morse, a Florida developer. ABC News also reports that the Cracker Bay is registered in the Cayman Islands.

The party was thrown for donors who had either given a million dollars to the Romney campaign or had a list of donors to contribute a million dollars.

These unidentified donors gained unlimited access to the Romney campaign and would be the likely beneficiaries of a Romney presidency, not the average moms Ann Romney targeted in her remarks last night.

By registering his yacht in the Caymans, Morse does not have to pay any taxes on this luxury vessel. It reportly seats 30 for dinner and has an extensive art collection.

These donors are Romney's real friends. They like him are very successful businessmen who take advantage of every legal tax loophole to avoid paying taxes.

Romney's tax policies will impact the bottom line of these wealthy donors more so than they will the average mom who has to juggle too many expenses each month to go along with too small of a paycheck. A paycheck that could be much less under a Romney tax shceme that President Obama argues would require middle class Americans to pay at a higher tax rate.

Just like the situation with his tax returns, Romney has refused to release the names of his top bundlers, a term used to denote a group of donors who combine their resources to raise one large sum for the campaign.

This morning's event was attended by 50 people, according to ABC News. Among that number were several members of Romney's family, including his brother Scott Romney.


The American public knows less about the financial dealings of Romney than of any presidential candidate in recent history. What is known is that Romney is a very wealthy man. It is also known that he got wealthy by working hard at buying and selling securities.

Romney has failed thus far to establish why a man so enormously wealthy would want to be president of anything other than a corporation. Perhaps in his acceptance speech on Thursday night, Romney will tell the American people why they should elect someone who earned his money through the very instrumentality that caused the economy to take a nosedive under the last Republican President.

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