Harold Michael Harvey, JD

As the GOP prepares to march one speaker after another to the podium tonight in order to convince the American people that their chosen candidate is human, the Democrats are fine-tuning plans for their big Labor Day Week bash.

While Ann Romney speaks to the Republican faithful tonight in hopes of making female voters like her husband as much as she does, the Democrats next week will make the case for why their very likable candidate has the vision and public policy ideas to manange the affairs of state for another four-year term.

I'll be in Charlotte next week to cover the Democratic Convention for my readers here at Allvoices. As quiet as it is being kept, this Democratic Convention will make history similar to the history made at its 2008 convention.

That convention saw the first time an African American was nominated by a major political party to run for the presicency. This year's convention will mark the first time a major political party has renominated an African American to seek re-election as president.

Never in the annals of American history has this been done. Ann Romney will tell the Republicans this evening, as she has done on the campaign trail, "It's time to take our country back."

One wonders who the enemy is that took the country away from the American people. In any event, Allvoices will be in Time Warner Cable Arena when the first gavel sounds to open the history-making 2012 Democratic Naitonal Convention.

This year, the Democrats have decided to do away with the Monday meeting and will host a family outing at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Families from Tennessee, Virginia, North and South Carolina are expected to gather. It is an effort by the Democrats to pay respect to the American worker on Labor Day and to acknowledge NASCAR race families who have traditionlly voted Republican.

Of the four surviving former presidents, two are Republican and two are Democrats. Neither George Herbert Walker Bush or George W. Bush will be in attendance at the GOP convention; however, both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton will address the Democratic group. Former President Carter will speak via video and former President Clinton will make an in-person appearance.

Clinton already has become a force in the 2012 campaign by taking to the airwaves in a very posititve television commerical telling the American people that President Barack Obama alone offers the American people a clear choice to get the economy back on track. It is a message that, as the tagline says, is approved by the president.

In addition, we will be in Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte when President Obama gives his second acceptance speech. He is expected to rekindle the vision he layed out for the country before Rush Limbaugh told the American people he wished the president would fail. Limbaugh's volley empowered the opposition to put stumbling blocks in the president's efforts to recharge the economy he gallantly had pulled back from the brink of collaspe.

In the spirit of the convention, we will take in a party or two and report on the fun being had by the Democrats and their supporters. If any protests develop, we will be there to bring you fresh and insightful coverage of the event.

Be sure to check in with us here at Allvoices and send me questions via the comments below or a prviate message if you want the party faithful to answer, and I will endeavor to track down the answers for you. (If you don't have an Allvoices account yet, head to www.allvoices.com/register_now to sign up.)

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