Veronica Roberts

We have all heard of some unusual medical conditions where doctors are baffled by the symptoms and stumped on a cure. Well this one fits high on the list in that strange category.

A woman reportedly has over 100 orgasms a day due to a rare medical disorder called PGAD: Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.

Forty-four year old Kim Ramsey of England becomes aroused and climaxes doing the most mundane chores or slightest pelvic movement throughout the day, with absolutely no control over her body. This is more of a negative for it completely disrupts her life.

Instead of being in a constant state of pleasure as you might expect, Ramsey says she is unable to have a normal life and is constantly exhausted and sore.

Riding the train, driving a car, sitting, cleaning her house or any other ordinary action can trigger an orgasm. Doctors are not sure exactly what causes this condition but theorizes that it may be because of an accident Ramsey suffered in 2001 where she injured her spine falling down some stair.

Doctors believe Ms.Ramsey's injuries may have caused what is called a Tarlov cyst, to form on the part of the spine where the female orgasm originates.

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