Barry Eitel

According to Thai Buddhist Temple Wat Phra Dhammakaya, the whereabouts of the late Steve Jobs are known. On Monday, the temple’s website claimed that Jobs, who died last year after several bouts with pancreatic cancer, is now living in a parallel universe. Also, he now is a mid-level angel.

The information contained in the post, titled “Steve Jobs: Where Is He Now,” was revealed to the abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Namaskar, in a response to a request from Tony Tseung, a senior engineer at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

Namaskar specifically called Jobs an “earth sprite belonging to the Vidhaydhara-Yakkha branch.” What does this sort of sprite look like? The “Vidhaydhara” means that these sprites love to learn knowledge of all sorts. The “Yakkha” half means these sprites are hot-tempered, something Jobs was infamous for.

The post gets even more specific (along with some…interesting imagery). Jobs now has a reddish complexion with skin like a sponge.

He lives very close to his old home in Palo Alto, only in a parallel universe. Namaskar claims he lives in a six-story glass castle, waited on by at least 20 servants. He lives in a neighborhood of castles owned by similar sprites.

This fabulous celestial wealth was earned by Jobs donating to charity and sharing his knowledge with the world. He’s having a pretty good time, continues Namaskar. In the whole ten months he’s lived in his glass palace, he has yet to feel anger.

Although, it would be hard to be mad when you live in a mansion in parallel California and have 20 attendants.

This information was revealed to Namaskar through meditation, along with details about how Jobs was so innovative and successful in business.

The temple’s thoughts on Jobs, who died at age 56, stirred up some controversy around the web when they first came out last week. The temple has a pretty large and important following, including politicians, celebrities, businessmen and engineers like Tseung.

However, many saw this as a scheme to make some money off of Jobs’ death. According to Namaskar, Jobs earned his fantastic afterlife digs because of his donations to charities, like the temple. Their instructions for entering heaven have been seen as a way to garner donations from those wanting similar afterlife accommodations.

The temple said that the post was not meant to “insult or defame” anyone. Even though Jobs would probably disregard Namaskar’s thoughts when he was alive, they at least paint an interesting picture of a man with extraordinary accomplishments in life.