Veronica Roberts

The above video is a must-see for in all our political smack-downs, I have never heard a more devastating 'beating' than what Ireland's president gave to a tea party radio host in 2010--that was before he became Ireland's leader. It was brutal and kind of wonderful at the same time. How so, you ask?

Well, if you live in the U.S. or keep up with our political discourse, you already know that partisan pandering of half-truths and outright lies are par for the course here--sometimes on both sides of the party aisles.

Host of WTKK radio Michael Graham in an interview aired on NewsTalk 106-108 FM radio, was so used to the partisan spin, that he didn't bargain for Michael D. Higgins tongue-lashing. Higgins eviscerated him with a non-stop barrage of truths and logical impassioned arguments: from tolerance and social programs that help the poor and others who may need healthcare and other assistance to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East. Nothing was off-limits.

He trampled all over host Michael Graham's talking-points, calling his rhetoric "Teaparty ignorance" and exposed the ugly climate in our country. The festering lies about what a socially just society looks like and Israel's part in the devastation occuring in that part of the world.

Click on the video above to hear the verbal beating and click here for the interview in full.