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His supporters say it doesn’t matter--that focusing on them is a classic case of Democratic avoidance. Forget they focused on President Obama’s birth certificate for 4 years and counting, with the myopic intensity of a rabid animal and high level birthers are talking about civil war to “take out the guy” if he is re-elected—they want us to move on from Mitt Romney’s tax issues. But we won’t and here is why.

(BTW, see the high level official, a county judge, babbling about civil war and killing President Obama, here:

Back to Mitt and his taxes. The soon to be Republican Presidential nominee has released only one year of tax returns and his people promises to grant us one more in October sometime. No specific date was given for the big release. I guess we should be grateful that the “King’s” subjects have promised this little show-and-tell—after all “Queen Ann Romney” has already told us in no uncertain terms that “you people” have seen all you’re going to see pertaining to her family’s finances. You people need to realize who you’re dealing with. If her husband’s rich friends want to buy the presidency for him, stay out of it. He and they decide what he shows; they make the rules, or so it appears.

Plus, “You people” want to use her husband’s tax returns “as ammunition.” Maybe the Lady knows there is a smoking gun lurking in those financial records? The New York Times says “Her Highness” is right—there are bazookas, glocks and semi-automatic rifles loaded and waiting in those tax returns and family trusts documents.

Read about the financial quagmire that was Bain Capital and it’s over 21 hedge funds used to hog massive amounts of money in off-shore accounts for their executives HERE.

Pick a comfy spot, for it is going to take a while and sift through the 950 pages of financial acrobatics performed by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital to twist the tax code to hide funds “money-laundering style” in offshore accounts at the NY Times article HERE.

Whenever Romney speaks of paying taxes, he always acts like he is in a court of law. His carefully worded speeches like “I’ve paid all the taxes legally required of me by law—and by the way, not a dollar more,” tells us more than I think he realizes. Ask any veteran detective—just because you cannot proof someone committed the crime, doesn’t mean they didn’t commit it. Money—oops, sorry, Freudian slip—Romney knows as long as he keeps those financial records hidden, he cannot be held criminally liable. Plus this is an election, not the courts demanding his “papers;” only the people he wants to put their trust in him as their leader.

Well, operating on the premise that a leader should lead by example—meaning he/she is abiding by the laws of the land and would not bend said law of the land to his/her greedy end—we the people demand that anyone who runs for the highest office of the land; who expects us to make sacrifices, who supports a budget plan that slashes aid to the most vulnerable among us—show us that he has not been cutting corners all these years; manipulating the tax code so he pays much less than the rest of us.

For if he has, that is not the character of someone who can sit above us and dispense rules and laws. This is not someone we can trust to look out for all the citizens of the land, not just the few who do the same thing he does. We need a leader who walks his talk. Could you imagine what the Republicans would have said/done if President Obama had done the things Mitt Romney has done? He would have been “tarred and feathered.” Could you imagine if Michelle Obama had told Barbara Walters that “you people” have gotten enough of their financial records? The right-wingers almost had a collective heart attack when the First Lady said she was truly proud of America for the first time. They pretended not to get the significance. They pretended that all of our truths were the same so how dare she say such a thing?

Romney loves to use the word patriotism. The phrase “love America” and real Americans” but I’m not sure he fits into any of those categories. His party has lambasted the then Senator Obama for having no military record. Now they are eerily mum on Romney’s record, which seemed to be conveniently out of the country when his services were needed. Moreover, he has five sons but none has felt the call of duty to defend their country.

There is something decidedly disingenuous about the deep imbalance that currently exists in the U.s. military-when the wealthy among us do not hear that patriotic call quite near as often as Middle and working class folks. Here is Romney’s response to a reporter who called him out during his 2007 run for higher office, on none of his five sons serving in the military, “One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping to get me elected because they think I’d be a great president.” Speechless? I am too.

Let Romney tell a grieving mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or children—that their dead loved ones who came home in a flag-draped coffin, that his sons “serving his campaign” is the same as their families dying on the front line of a bloody, horrific war serving their country.

Yet Mitt is promising his supporters that he will aggressively go after Iran and Syria if elected president. We are already trillions of dollars in debt, a staggering ever-rising death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan, countless resources lost, a destabilized Middle East but hey, Romney wants more war. Well, why not, his sons aren’t in the line of fire. I wonder if he is planning on urging some of them to join our honorable men and women currently serving. Oh I forgot, his five sons are already “serving” their country through daddy’s presidential campaign.

(Read more about the color and class of war here:

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