Veronica Roberts

New York City, NY -- Warning: the attached video shows violence and may not be suitable for some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Police has released video footage of Friday's fatal shooting in New York City, where two people lost their lives, including the gunman who opened fire on his former co-worker.

The NYPD shot and killed 58-year-old Jeffrey Johnson around 9:00 a.m. after he fatally shot Steve Ercolino, the office manager at Hazan Imports where he had worked before being fired over a year ago.

Johnson, who is now being described as a quiet loner who lived on Manhattan's Upper East side with only his two cats for company, reportedly had a contentious relationship with Ercolino and allegations of harassment complaints filed have surfaced. Just who was harassing who is not clear at this time.

The gunman who was an impeccable dresser, reportedly donned a business suit and briefcase to carry out his deadly plot against his former manager, stalking him through early traffic, then shooting him three times near the Empire State Building, about one block near his former workplace.

According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a heroic construction worker was the one who notified the police, seen in the above video shooting the gunman, who collapsed on the sidewalk as pedestrians frantically ran for cover.

Ten people were injured in the crossfire but their injuries aren't life-threatening.

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Reported by Veronica Roberts 8.25.12