Veronica Roberts

The Republican National Convention is just a few days away, and no other sector of the population is more excited than strippers in Tampa.

You see, the Grand Old Party isn't so conservative when it comes to partying with strippes, at least according to a representative of Tampa's nightclubs. Speaking Thursday on CNN, with some smiling "ladies of the pole" in the background, nightclub owner Joe Redner claimed that business booms when the “elephant” comes to town.

According to Angelina Spencer, head of the Association of Club Executives, which represents the 4,000 gentlemen's clubs across the U.S., conservatives outspend liberals by 3-1, with Republicans throwing an average of $150 per person at strip clubs and topless bars, compared with $50 by Democrats. One stripper said she plans on working as long as her body lets her, for she anticipates a bonanza of tips for her sexy presentation.

Clubs were seen waxing, cleaning, and polishing the poles and other areas of the club to spotless perfection, in readiness for the onslaught of customers.

One club, Thee Dollhouse, has spent more than $1.5 million on a lavish makeover. Waitresses reportedly wear red, white and blue Wonder Woman corsets, and a big-time porn star—the famous VP/Alaskan governor lookalike Lisa Ann of the "Who's Nailin' Paylin?" Hustler videos—has been booked for a special "undress" feature presentation.

Talk about pulling out all the stops! What would those Republican men think of seeing a double of their former vice-presidential pick dangling naked from a shiny phallus pole? I can venture to go there with my pop psychology, but I won't. You do the analysis.

Scantily clad young women were shown expertly sliding up and down the shiny poles, doing acrobatics that would make the Olympic gymnasts marvel, practicing for the big weekend.

City officials expect about 50,000 visitors to Tampa for the convention, and though Republicans like to portray themselves as the party of conservative family and religious values, that ideology is put on hold when it comes to naked women and poles.

Who could forget the stir the party of fiscal responsibility and prudish airs caused in 2010 when a huge bill of $2,000 resulted from Republicans partying at a topless bondage club?

Tampa is not known as "the lap-dance capital of the world" for nothing, and they clearly intend to make the most of the RNC being hosted in their town. As the rap song goes, strippers are looking to the GOP to "make it rain" as hard, heavy and furious as any hurricane that may pass through the area.

In fact, news of an impending storm for the city has not dampened the excited, anticipatory mood of the folks who rule the night life.

Written by Veronica Roberts


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