Herbert Dyer, Jr.

Tony Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council, a staunchly “conservative,” anti-abortion organization based in Louisiana. Perkins is also a two-time Louisiana state legislator.

While most other Republicans around the country are clamoring for Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-Mo.) to abandon his Senate race with incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Perkins has declared his undying support for the man. It was Akin, who just yesterday, explained in a televised interview how some rapes are “legitimate” and others….well…are not. You see, he told us, he had it on good information from “doctors” that all women’s bodies are equipped with a certain mechanism that allows them to automatically reject the sperm of a rapist but accept the sperm of their lawfully wedded husband.

Perkins promptly stepped up to support Akin. "We support him fully and completely," said FRC Action PAC president Connie Mackey. Perkins and Mackey called the effort to waylay Akin "gotcha politics," and went so far as to actually warn other Republicans by name (Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, in particular) about not supporting Akin.

"We feel this is a case of gotcha politics," Mackey said at the Republican National Committee's platform committee deliberations. He then went deep: "He (Akin) has been elected five times in that community in Missouri. They know who Todd Akin is. We know who Todd Akin is. We’ve worked with him up on the Hill. He’s a defender of life. He’s a defender of families and this just a controversy built up, I think, it looks as though, to support his opposition. Claire McCaskill on the other hand, has supported Planned Parenthood all these years, which is under investigation for use of funds, for cover up on statutory rape and I think that Todd Akin is getting a really bad break here."

Now, neither Perkins nor Mackey would touch the “merits" of Akin's obviously neanderthalic position, because they, we hope, are not Neanderthals. "I don’t know anything about the science or the legal implications of his statement," Mackey said. "I do know politics, and I know gotcha politics when I see it."

For Perkins’ part, the whole thing was a crude diversionary tactic designed to shield McCaskill from her “controversial” support of….Planned Parenthood. "Claire McCaskill has been supportive of planned parenthood, an organization that has been under investigation for criminal activity," Perkins said.

And here’s his warning to fellow right-wingers who may be waivering in their support for brother Akin: "For other Republicans, I have not seen Scott Brown’s statement, but he should be careful because based on some of his statements there may be some call for him to get out of his race." Perkins was asked what had Brown done to offend him? Brown has been "off the reservation on a number of Republican issues, conservative issues," he said. "His support among conservatives is very shallow."

Meanwhile, everybody from John Boehner to Sean Hannity have called for Akin to step down. He just won the Republican Primary in Missouri and with it the right to face McCaskill in November. At this writing, he has said he will not step down because he “is not a quitter.” He has made a weak attempt at an apology, but to no avail.

Even President Obama himself weighed in on this matter in an impromptu press conference. He said earlier today that “rape is rape.” Parsing, qualifying, slicing the word is senseless, counterproductive and demeaning to all women. And, right here is where the Republicans really went off the rails. They already are trailing badly among women voters of all descriptions. This turn of events practically seals the deal against them.

The Republican leadership and it’s echo chamber of a media understand clearly that what Akin has done is to say out loud and on TV what most of them really believe and articulate in the privacy of their man caves – that good girls do not get pregnant by means of rape; that therefore their rape experience is not "legitimate" because, according to Akin and his doctor friends, their bodies will expel any rapist’s sperm.

Now, floozies, hussies, and whores (or women who dress like floozies, hussies, and whores) are not "legitimately" (cannot be) raped either, as evidenced by the way they dress, and those oh, so provocative, irresistible walks that they do. They, you see, in effect, are asking to be raped. In either case, whether you're a "good girl" or a "floozie," you may not avail yourself of an abortion. (That makes perfect sense, right?)

Also, it is becoming clear that Rep. Paul Ryan is Akin's good and dear friend. Oh, yes. They have co-sponsored a number of bills in the House limiting women’s rights to do a whole variety of stuff, not just to get an abortion. So, Akin has to go before too many people begin to connect those very clear and present dots between him and the Romney-Ryan ticket.

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