Herbert Dyer, Jr.

Have you received your email from Paul Ryan yet? I have, and he literally begs me to “Help Us Prove Rachel Maddow WRONG!”

It seems the MSNBC TV host’s nightly expose of Republican electoral shenanigans and downright wrongdoing are having an affect on the Romney-Ryan campaign. And so it should be.

Please recall that in the recent past, Democrats and “libruls” had basically conceded the airwaves, both radio and television, to the so-called conservatives. For reasons beyond the scope of this article, they just did not answer, let alone fight back, at the constant, unrelenting barrage of Republican, right wing, “conservative” propaganda spewed all over our living room floors and automobile carpets, morning, noon and night.

How apropos it is that the real left wing counterweight to Rush Limbaugh turns out to be a nearly six-foot tall, gay white woman, who is so glib and articulate that her homosexuality, her whiteness and femininity matter not one whit when one hears her cold logic and incisive reasoning. And, okay, unlike Limbaugh, she also comes across as a genuinely nice and likeable person.

I first became aware of Maddow when she hosted “The Rachel Maddow Show” on the now defunct radio network Air America. Her sharp, edgey intelligence was hard to miss. Her well-spoken sincerity came right through the radio, sat down next to me, looked me in the eye, and said exactly what I had been thinking all the time.

Limbaugh is known for telling his “dittohead” followers, “If you don’t know what to think, I’ll tell you.” Well, it’s not that bad with Rachel and me. But I do admire her chutzpa, her intelligence, her ability to cut through the crap and tell it like it is. (Limbaugh, by the way, has never graduated from anybody’s college. Rachel, on the other hand, has a Ph.D. -- in philosophy -- from Oxford. Yes, that Oxford, the one in England).

More from my new friend Paul’s email:

Friends, do we ever need your help? This week liberal MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, has been on a campaign to smear and discredit Congressman Paul Ryan.”

We get it, Paul.

The smearing and discrediting of Paul Ryan cannot be tolerated. He is the new golden boy of the Republican Party. Favorable comparisons with St. Ronald Regan are being made among Republican stalwarts. So for a lesbian talk show host to denigrate our all-man, “All American,” budding Ronald Reagan redux, well….you gotta send him some money to fight this...this thing.

More Ryan email wisdom:

“She began by proclaiming [my] selection to be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate a ‘baffling’ choice that would lead the Republican ticket to defeat. She then set out and did everything she could to make her prediction come true. She was featured on "Meet The Press" where she accused [me] of promoting "voodoo economics.”

See, this is the problem with Republicans. They don’t read, or conveniently mis-remember, their own history and propaganda. Rachel is merely quoting St. Ronald Reagan’s own vice president, when as a presidential candidate in the primaries against St. Reagan, he called St. Reagan’s economic mumbo jumbo exactly what it was and remains: “voodoo economics." His name?….are you ready… George Herbert Walker Bush. When St. Reagan later tapped him to be his running mate, GHWB suddenly saw the light and supply side, trickle-down economic theory became as sacred as the Holy Grail. That obviously misguided theory has had us all in an economic and political trickbag since 1981.

So Maddow should be proud of the job she is doing. She is making these people aware that we are aware of their constant lies, obfuscations, misdirections, coded language, race and gender-based approach to social and economic policy and practice. Maddow has shown us that distortions of the truth with Republicans is, indeed, second nature. They don’t even have to think about it any more. They just do it.

We should be proud of her. She is doing what most Democrats have been too often too cowed to do: Call these people out for who and what they are.

Thank you, Dr. Rachel Maddow.

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