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Some Roman Catholic nuns are on a mission to stop Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan, saying the Wisconsin congressman's proposed budget plan would devastate the poor.

Sister Simone Campbell has already put her plan in action. This summer, she reportedly organized a bus tour and took “Nuns on the Bus,”across the country, covering an impressive nine states in just two weeks in her aggressive fight to stop the Ryan plan dead in its tracks. Emblazoned in big, bold letters on the side of that bus were the words, "Nuns drive for faith, family and fairness." When the bus tour was in progress, Romney had not yet picked Ryan as his vice presidential running mate.

When asked if she had anticipated this pick, Sister Simone answered "Heavens no," adding, "He is not from a swing state. I don't see what he brings to the ticket. He thinks seniors are getting too big of a free ride. I don't understand it."

According to The Daily Beast, Sister Simone is escalating her protest by pushing to get other nuns across the country to lobby their local legislators for policies which are more "poor-friendly" than Ryan's budget plan, which she says punishes the poor while rewarding the rich even more.

The feisty nun, who is the executive director of a Catholic advocacy group in Washington D.C. called the Network, even went up against Fox's head bully Bill O'Reilly this week and held her own. Undaunted by his aggressive interviewing style, Sister Simone told him just what she thought of Ryan's prosposed budget: that is was anti-poor folks and pro-rich.

She has always been a voice for the poor and told O'Reilly in no uncertain terms what she wanted when he loudly asked her to tell him what she really wanted. "What I want is money in the pockets of hard-working people who are living below the poverty level."

As most interviews go with anyone who has an opposing ideological and political view to O'Reilly's, the "mash-up" deteriortated into a shouting match but Sister Campbell wasn't rattled for she called it "missionary work."

She reportedly met with Ryan in July but concluded that though they are both pasionate about America, they differed deeply on fundamental issues.

Ryan's budget plan leans heavily on slashing social programs that help primarily the poor and elderly while giving more tax cuts to the richest among us. Sister Campbell says there is something extremely troubling about that and vows she will not stop fighting to reverse this.

She has invited both Romney and Ryan to tour some of the poorest communties with her, but so far they have not taken her up on her offer.

Some Bishops have also taken up the fight for society's most vulnerable, reportedly saying thay Ryan's budget "doesn't pass the moral test." High-profile Bishops Richard E. Pates and Stephen E. Blair of the Conference of Catholic Bishops, have sent letters to Congress urging them to remember the poor need protection.

Sister Simone is somewhat of a rock star and has a whirlwind schedule. She was seen on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Show" with host comedian Steven Colbert, on MSNBC and on Twitter.Numerous newspapers have written extensively on her fight, including The New York Times, Fox News and NPR .

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