Veronica Roberts

A slightly satirical slant

This week in politics has been the gift that kept on giving. Last Saturday’s Republican Vice Presidential pick started the ball rolling and it picked up momentum from there. After the pomp and circumstance of Paul Ryan’s debut in Virginia and the subsequent fanfare that followed, some of Ryan’s skeletons fell out of the closet with a resounding thud of rattling bones.

First, his love affair with Russian born atheist philosopher Ayn Rand was revealed. This was startling, considering Ryan has marketed himself as a religious, God-fearing conservative to his party. Maybe for that said reason, he was seen on Fox this week, blatantly twisting the truth to suit his new role: as the intellectual leader of his the GOP who needs to cater to the ultra-religious base on the far, far right. God forbid they have a closet atheist in their midst-- even scarier, at the helm!

So he publicly denounced Rand, the woman he said had singularly influenced his life; his career. MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell has the video and audio to prove Ryan’s life-long infatuation with Rand’s philosophy. See more here:

Then there was the incumbent Vice Presidential controversy. Both VPs seem to be dueling for faux pas supremacy. Joe Biden, known for his many gaffes, some racially tinged, has stepped in it yet again. While stumping on the campaign trail, Biden was heard using the “chains and shackles” phrase in reference to Mitt Romney’s proposed policies.

While speaking to a predominantly black audience in Danville, Va. on Tuesday, Biden said that Romney “wanted to unchain” Wall St. and reverse all the regulation implemented by the Obama administration, adding that what he was really aiming for was to “put ya’ll back in chains.” President Obama, once again in his role as constant Biden “clean-up the messy gaffes” guy, took to People magazine to defend his second-in-command.

However, Republicans far and wide erupted in protest, claiming the “chain” mention was a code for slavery aimed at pandering to the folks of color present. Romney was up in arms, demanding President Obama muzzle his VP or force him to apologize. Seems there is a lot of that going around lately--screams for apology from the right. Their sensitivity level has risen suddenly, conveniently forgetting that they are the masters of spin, aimed to offend, rile and divide.

As the clamor for apologies rose, Romney dished out his own shock and awe, calling the president “angry” and “desperate.” Finally we have come around to it: the angry black male stereotype. Never thought it would be used with Obama though for I remember numerous accusations of “too wimpy,” “too soft,” “too apologetic,” too compromising,” "too aloof" and “too professorial.” So Romney calling Obama angry is the height of irony.

Comedian and host of “Real Time With Bill Maher “ aired on HBO, even once said President Obama wasn’t acting gangsta enough and that he needed to grow a pair and show those “Mofos” how it was done. I know Maher tries to get away with plenty in the name of comedy—and I’m a fan—but using those stereotypical “all black men are tough, gangsta types, take-no-prisoners, ass kickers” is part of the problem with our racial discourse.

Not to be outdone, the president stirred up his bit of controversy by officially introducing Seamus Romney to the campaign. Wondering who this latest Romney is? No, it is not one of his five sons, but his canine friend who has sadly, passed on a long time ago. Seamus is the famed family dog who was allegedly strapped to the roof of their car as they journey all the way from Boston to Ontario, Canada in 1983. Liberals have had a field day with this, depicting the former Massachusetts governor as cold, heartless, inhumane. The graphics making the rounds on this range from the mildly funny to, I hate to admit—wildly hilarious.

How could he do that to his pet? But I digress. The President has never before directly entered the fray on the dog sad saga but on Tuesday in Iowa it seemed like he couldn’t help but make an indirect swipe at the incident. While speaking on the benefits of alternative sources of energy, he criticized his opponent for saying “you can’t drive a car with a windmill on it,” then added, “I don’t know if he’s actually tried that—I know he’s had other things on his car.” Gulp! (Read more on it here: Obama Mocks Romney for Seamus the Dog).

Both sides are currently accusing each other of playing dirty, with no one admitting to being the lowest common denominator. They continue to sling the mud far and wide—and it is August so the pile is sure to get higher and deeper and dirtier as the few remaining months inch closer to November.

Let the real “hunger games” continue but the Democrats need to be careful. The GOP team has newly appointed VP Paul Ryan, who is reportedly an expert archer. Being this handy with a bow and arrow could only spell trouble for his aim is going to be spot on.