Veronica Roberts

Mitt Romney’s VP choice has certainly given his campaign a boost. Well, I should clarify. It has certainly given the media a juicy bone to create a rabid feeding frenzy. Their usual short attention span is now focused with laser-like precision on this latest development, leaving the prior clamor for Romney’s tax returns in the dust. Every tongue is now wagging in Paul Ryan’s direction, some making outrageous claims, others wildly speculate and a few have turned him into a Demigod.  Even Romney calls him “the intellectual leader” of the GOP. Which begs the question: if his underling Ryan is the brains of the operation, what do we need him for?

Then there is the comedic aspect of it all, the side I love the best. Comedians are having a nightly party with all the copious material provided while Pundits say puzzling things like “the conversation just got serious” with Romney’s vice presidential pick. What had stopped it from getting serious before—seeing as the media is the one controlling the convo in the first place--and is talking about his workout regimen, flyfishing and his hunting skills, that elevated?

I guess part of the serious conversation is what I like to call “the wow factor.” The young, handsome Congressman was meant to woo us like Sarah Palin--well like she did on her wildly anticipated debut. (He is 42 and by national standards that is over the hill in this youth obsessed nation but he’s a baby in the political arena.

The fairly unknown young man is currently a household name and by that I mean if you own a television, he is bound to be in your living-room every hour on the hour if you are tuned in to MSNBC or FOX, the titans of ideological spin. CNN attempts to stay above the fray but they can’t help but be seduced by it all. On Monday, one anchor, Ashleigh Banfield, unabashedly declared her love for Ryan, especially his prominent, piercing baby blues. She also waxed philosophical about the aforementioned grueling work-out regimen; his fly-fishing skills; his avid archery; his stint as a  ‘weinerbaggo boy’ and hard-working waiter. All valuable business sector experience Romney once said should be mandatory for anyone holding higher office.

Then there is the Ayn Rand connection. The Liberal half of the media is having a collective orgasm over this, calling Ryan everything from a sociopath to a scary monster. Photo-shopped pics and videos of an evil Machiavellian VP nominee, along with running mate Romney, are making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Ryan’s alleged hero-worship of philosopher/author/screenwriter Rand is trending big time. The general consensus is: if the republican “Veep” could idolize a woman who critics say was totally selfish, egotistical, sociopathic, with social views comparable to Hitler, what kind of co-pilot would he make governing the American people if he gets to the White House?

To hear the newly appointed Vice Presidential nominee tell it on Fox News, he has denounced Ayn Rand for her "philosophy is an atheist philosophy." But that was not what he was saying before, when he was singing Rand's praises in 2005 and again in 2009. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell played an audio of a young Ryan expounding on his relationship with Rand at a meeting of theAtlas Society. ( The love fest went something like this, "I grew up on Ayn Rand. That's what I tell people. You know, everybody does their soul searching and trying to find out who they are and what they believe. You learn about yourself. I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit of who I am and what my value system are and what my beliefs are...the reason I got involved in public service by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person,  it would be Ayn Rand." (And there is more--click on the above video to see Ryan excitedly extol Rand's "virtues").

So just who was Ayn Rand, hero to the seven-time Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan?

This woman touted as a hero to not only Ryan but many conservatives as well, was one scary lady. Inside her head seems like a dark cauldron of ideas the Third Reich would have found downright admirable. Her philosophy could be a blue print for Hitler’s master race, where only the chosen are allowed to live and thrive. The rest of the poor “Moochers” as she refers to society’s “non-rich,” aren’t wealthy because of their uninspiring intellect that render them incapable of inventive ideas. In fact she would have been proud of republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, when he said “if you’re not rich, it’s your fault.”

The Russian-born Rand, who moved to the U.S. in 1926, believed that capitalism was the one truly effective system, where individualism reigned supreme. Social compassion was a wasted commodity to her and helping your fellowman through government programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were seen as unethical or immoral. Intellectual superiority breathed superior productive individuals who in turn produce  the bulk of the world’s wealth and thus are entitled to the spoils—all of it. Forget that producers of goods and services depend on the general population—“us moochers”-- to help manufacture, then purchase said goods and services in order to become rich—Rand rants completely subtract that very vital part of the equation when giving all credit of society’s success to one group.

“Survival of the fittest” was her overriding motto which seems to fit right in with Ryan’s Budget Plan. Cut 91 percent of social programs which benefit the masses while giving the rich even more in capital gains tax elimination and leaving the military spending virtually unchanged. Now that’s what his hero Rand would call moral and ethical. If the “little people” can’t come up with some innovative ideas to produce wealth for themselves, then their poverty is on their “inadequate shoulders.” Don’t look for hand-outs from the hard-working, intellectual, enlightened, chosen elite rich. To her, altruism, philanthropy and activism on the plight of the poor, were the real enemy.

(To read VP Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity”  or more like “Path to Poverty” budget plan, depending on which income bracket you fit in-- click link below:

Ironically, Ayn Rand abhorred religion which makes conservatives’ fascination with her paradoxical.  Maybe it’s her reported distaste for Gay folks and her worship of greedy capitalists which attracts the extremists? Republican rabble rouser Rush Limbaugh once reportedly called Rand “brilliant,” and sales of her books, especially “Atlas Shrugged,” have increased in the last few years.

 Also puzzling is Libertarians claim of her as their leader, for she despised them as well. The woman was a mix of sociopathic meanderings, cold, calculating interpretations of humanity and an over-inflated sense of self.  She once referred to herself as “the most creative thinker alive,” during an interview with Mike Wallace. She was married, yet carried on an affair with a younger man and still bitterly tried to control him when he finally managed to remove himself from her egotistical clutches. This bloated ego is what caused her to surround herself with a tight circle of fawning “followers” and rumor has it, she didn’t take kindly to opposing views.

This is the woman who warms Paul Ryan’s cockles. Her cult-like followers were disillusioned with her in the end. Incidentally, Former Fed Chair Allan Greenspan was one of those giddy followers. That certainly explains a lot doesn’t it?

Now you can also understand why Ryan sees nothing wrong with his severe slash and burn budget plan which straddles the unfair and unbalanced for most Americans.

Click on the video above to get a little taste of Paul Ryan's love affair with Ayn Rand.