Maryann Tobin

Congressman Paul Ryan's budget attacks on the poor has caught the attention of the Catholic Church for its conflict with the teachings of Christ.

In the Catholic Bible, Jesus taught his followers that taking care of the poor was part of the core beliefs of Christians. However, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, who is Catholic and a former Alter Boy, is not putting his claimed religious convictions into practice with his budget plan, which strips away help for the sick, elderly and poor, while offering massive tax breaks to the most wealthy Americans.

The LA Times said: "Ryan's religious beliefs have also been an important part of his politics. He often says his faith has guided his positions on social issues, putting him in line with church doctrine on abortion rights and gay marriage. But the former altar boy also cites church teaching in explaining his positions on government spending, deficit reduction and entitlements — the issues that have catapulted his rapid rise.

Such statements have raised the ire of some Roman Catholics who argue the Wisconsin Republican is twisting church teachings on caring for the poor and shielding the vulnerable to justify cutting the social safety net."

The Romney-Ryan budget more closely follows the ideology of Nazi-era novelist, Ayn Rand, an admitted hero of Congressman Ryan.

Rand Ayn Rand advocated a society lead by a Head of State, instead of a congress, with social emphasis on “rational selfishness.”


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