Maryann Tobin

The Republicans may lose control of the House now that Paul Ryan has joined the GOP 2012 ticket. The reason is simple; voters on both sides of the aisle like Medicare and seen Ryan as a threat to it.

In Michigan District 1, for example, Tea Party Republican Dan Benishek voted for the Ryan budget, which included ending Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher program. Democrat Gary McDowell now has a better chance of winning, due to the large senior population in the district.

Florida is another state that could turn blue with ending Medicare as a top issue. 17% of all voters in Florida are over 65 years of age.

There are 22 House seats considered toss-ups in 2012. If they break for the Democrats, the GOP will lose control of the House. This may be good for the entire country, due to the fact that since taking the majority in 2010, Republicans have created an unprecedented amount of gridlock, essentially freezing the entire legislative process.

It has been said that all politics is local and that may become even more evident with the Medicare debate Mitt Romney has raised by choosing Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate.

DCCC Chair Steve Israel told the Huffington Post," "The Ryan budget is a debate we know we win, and Mitt Romney has just nationalized the debate. We have needed a nationalized election on priorities, and we now have a clear contrast between two national brands."

Voters now have a clear choice. The Romney-Ryan ticket puts Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in play for drastic changes that will result in fewer benefits and higher costs to seniors. The Obama-Biden ticket will move to shore-up and preserve the current entitlement system.


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