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New polling data shows President Obama with a widening lead against Mitt Romney in the 2012 race for the White House.

As Election Day moves closer, it seems that Mitt Romney’s worst enemy is Mitt Romney. The GOP presumptive nominee has growing unfavorable ratings, now reaching 46 percent.

According to the Fox News poll, Obama takes 49 percent to Romney's 40 nationally…two others released this week, from CNN-ORC and Reuters-Ipsos, gave Obama a 7-point lead over Romney. Both the Fox and CNN polls point to a jump in support for Obama among independents. According to the Fox News poll, Obama's support among that voting bloc went from a 4-point lead in its last survey to 11 percentage points in this one,” according to The Hill.

Romney’s secrecy about his money and tax returns is a subject that may be weighing on voters’ minds. It’s difficult for voters to support a candidate they don’t know if they can trust.

“For all Mitt Romney’s touting of his business record, when it comes to his own money the Republican nominee is remarkably shy about disclosing numbers and investments,” according to a Vanity Fair report cited on Allvoices.

So far, the Republican election year strategy has been to get voters to believe that anyone is a better choice for the presidency than Obama. But the polls show that voters are not buying it.

Romney has also been vague about more than his personal finances. He has failed to take a stand on many of the issues that are high priorities for voters and his economic plan lacks details.

What the electorate does agree on with pluraity is that Mitt Romney will work harder to protect the rich than he will for everyone else.

The CEO of Business Insider said, "I had high hopes that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney might have a compelling plan to fix the U.S. economy." And, "Romney's plan, in fact, suggests that Romney does not actually understand what's wrong with the economy. The solution he is proposing--giving rich people and companies more cash to spend and invest--will not solve the problem the economy faces right now. So Romney's policies, if fully implemented, aren't likely to help anything. In fact, arguably, they will make things worse."

Opponents of trickle-down economics agree. After 12 years of the Bush tax cuts favoring tax breaks for the rich, America is in worse shape than it has been in decades.

Since the Bush tax cuts, the deficit has exploded, jobs have been lost, and outsourcing has become an epidemic.

Perception is everything in a political campaign, and voters simply do not see Romney as a viable option to Barack Obama, no matter what the GOP wants people to believe.

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