Veronica Roberts

The "fair and biased" folks over at Fox News are at it again. This time they have turned their brilliant journalistic spotlight on the U.S. Olympic team's outfits.

Seems that the guest host and guest of America Live thinks team U.S.A.'s uniforms aren't the right colors to show true patriotism, singling out one of our most high-performing athletes, gold medalist 16-year-old gymnast Gabby Douglas.

Alisyn Camerota and her guest David Webb, a Sirius XM radio host, pounced on the teen's outfits after criticising the entire team's uniforms. They felt that the new greys, yellows, purples and pinks displayed were an affront to the bygone days of patriotic reds, blues and whites.

Last week Camerota had this to say about the gold medalist, who made history being the first, at the age of 16, to win the team and all-around gold in the same Olympics and the fourth all-around American champion as well the first black Olympics all-around champion, "You know, Gabby had that great moment and everyone was so excited and she's in hot pink--and that's her prerogative."

It didn't stop there for her guest Webb chimed in with his take, saying, "What's wrong with showing some pride?" Suggesting that somehow her leopard was "anti-American."

Really? To myopically nit-pick on the minutiae when history is in the making is stunning in its exceptional idiocy and this baffles me. Gabby can be a shining example to other little girls, especially African Americans, who do not normally gravitate towards this sport. In fact, Gabby Douglas is the first since Dominique Dawes' 1996 gold medal.

It is not enough that the teen has overcome incredible odds to reach the pinnacle of Olympic excellence, she must endure folks making fun of her hair on Twitter and now have Fox and Friends question her patriotism?

What is wrong with these people? Gabby and teammates' sequined leotards and sweatsuits aren't the right red, white and blue, therefore do not show their pride in country? Are they this obtuse? Is this how shallow patriotism looks to them, merely wearing the right colors? These athletes have sacrificed, hurt, endured and pushed themselves beyond limits and two talking heads have the nerve to sit in a cushy television studio and spew verbiage based on their convoluted, misplaced sense of their intepretation of patriotism?

Gabby Douglas had to leave her family and travel miles away to Utah to live with strangers at an age when she needed her mom the most. As a young girl of color in a sport dominated by whites, to excel at 16, is an incredible accomplishment.

How dare they question these hard-working athletes' patriotism based on the superficial. Maybe they should start examining what real patriotism means and urge their listening audience, along with that subsidiary of their network--the Republican party whom they serve--what it means to truly love country enough to make sacrifices for the collective good?

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