Maryann Tobin

Mitt Romney has focused his 2012 presidential campaign on claims that he can create jobs because he ran Bain Capitol for 25 years. However, critics claims his budget, tax reform, and deregulation plans say otherwise.

“If Obama offers what well-paid elites call a jobless recovery, Romney offers the only thing worse: a promise to restore the policies that led to the joblessness that made a recovery necessary,” according to the Washington Post.

The Romney budget, tax cut, and deregulation plans do bear a striking resemblance to George W. Bush’s economic programs, which led to fewer jobs, an exploding deficit, and a financial market meltdown that caused the worst recession in 70 years.

“Under President Bush, the economy stopped shedding private sector jobs in July of 2003, fully 30 months into his administration. From that point until May of 2004, the economy added just 1.5 million private sector jobs, an increase of only 1.4 percent,” according to Think Progress.

After inheriting a very deep economic hole in 2008, President Obama did not turn the economy into a thriving marketplace. But imagine what could have happened if Romney had the helm back then. His tax cut proposal and defense-spending increases alone could have send the U.S. off the cliff and taken the world economy with it.

Obama’s recession could have easily been Romney’s depression.

“Lower taxes, fewer regulations, more domestic energy production, promises of deficit reduction that are quickly overwhelmed by increased defense spending and reduced tax revenues, and glossy rhetoric about economic freedom pretty much defined the Bush administration’s economic policy,” according to the Washington Post. “And how did that economic policy work out? It was a disaster.”

Yet Romney still believes in George W. Bush economics.

"Mitt Romney couldn’t substantially distinguish his economic policies from former President George W. Bush’s during an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams on Wednesday, saying only that he would “take action to get America on track to have a balanced budget,'" according to Think Progress.

However in typical Romney fashion, the former Bain Capital CEO performed the verbal gymnasics he has become famous for and said absolutely nothing.

"Restoring economic freedom" is not a detailed plan. It's a sound bite. Romney also said he wants to increase trade, but was not specific about whether or not that trading would include American jobs in exchange for corporate profits. He wants to pump more oil out of the ground, rather than move America toward cheaper, cleaner, renewable energy sources. That is the path of the past, not a plan for the future.

Bush was a failed president by just about every standard, and not a model that deserves repeating by Romney, or anyone else in the Oval Office.

Perhaps someone should buy Romney a calculator, a calandar, and a history book - and teach him how to use them before we let him run for president.

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