Veronica Roberts

Conservative darling Sarah Palin's grandson shouted an anti-gay slur while young mommy Bristol giggles nervously in response in a segment of Bristol's realtiy show. (Click on the video above to see toddler Palin in action).

Three-year old Tripp is heard saying the derogatory "F" word used against gay men during a recent episode of his mother's reality television show called, "Bristol Palin--Life is a Tripp," which airs on the Lifetime channel.

Following in Mama Grizzly's footsteps, the 21-year-old Bristol snagged her own reality tv show after becoming famous for getting pregnant as a teen during her mother's vice presidential run alongside John McCain in 2008.

She and the rest of her family were also featured on the ex-Alaskan governor/author's TLC reality debut, "Sarah's Alaska," and was the spokeperson for many an anti-teen pregnancy campaign ads.

 Bristol was even paid over quarter of a million dollars for one of her stints with Candie. What's downright puzzling is Candie reportedly donated only $35,000 to clinics that actually help teen girls in pregnancy prevention and other health services. Moreover, their contradictory messages seems to confuse girls for their sexy underwear ads aimed at that demographic is at odds with their abstinence, "just say no'" pure-until-marriage approach.

(Read more on that here:

Back to the homophobic slur. Where did baby Tripp hear or learn such a word? We know that young children absorb much of what goes on around them in those early formative years. Furthermore, is Bristol's laughing at his antics smart parenting or the absolutely wrong response?

The Palins are an ultra-conservative family to whom traditional family values are extremely important.  Is baby Tripp  learning very early that "different" is a bad thing? Interestingly, the GOP preaches teen abstinence, frowns on birth control and condems abortions, so Bristol's pregnancy is a fascinating example of political hypocrisy on high.

When teens on "the other side of the tracks" get pregnant, they are ostracized, marginalized, labeled and condemned for everything that is wrong with "those people" who can't seem to practice proper family values.

When one of their own can't seem to walk the talk, she is a poster child for "taking responsibility for her mistake" and given loads of money for ads touting the same unrealistic standards she couldn't uphold.

Can any say high hypocrisy?

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and one of the "friends" over at the Fox Network, was caught in a rant in 2011, railing against the "sins" of single motherhood and those "minority" women who are the culprits of pumping out those babies without a husband or fat bank account for healthcare and food in tow, thus straining government social programs.

He recently called for a "Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day," taking to Facebook to show his support for the food chain and express what he called "the vicious hate speech and intolerant bigotry" for those calling for their boycott.

Where others are condemning the fast food chain for their president Dan Cathy's anti-gay sentiments, Huckabee is throwing his staunch support behind them. Cathy said he believed in the "biblical definition of marriage," meaning he is against same-sex marriage. Even the Sesame Street muppets have publicly cut  ties with the chicken chain.

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