Veronica Roberts

Mitt Romney's multi-million assets are front and center this election cycle, and his attitude is not helping ease the pressure. Refusing to release more tax returns, his "super" Super-PACs propped up by his wealthy donors, his off-shore accounts and Bain Capital "retro-active retirement" scandal is piling on to an already heaping cesspool or criticism.

Liberals are hitting hard, and the million-strong advocacy group say keeping up the assault is the only way to neutralize the Romney danger-mobile heading straight for the White House.

They made their disapproval known two weeks ago when they showed up in the Hamptons to put a damper on Romney's flurry of fundraisers among the private jet-set crowd.

Holding huge signs that said things like "Mitt Romney has a Koch problem," they stood outside several of the ritzy functions, behind police lines, chanting "we got sold out, banks got bailed out," doing their utmost to disrupt the pricy festivities. Campaign donors paid as much as $50,000 a plate for dinner at one of the billionaire Koch brothers' Hampton estate.

Also throwing the high-end dinners for their one-percent presidential hopeful, were other one-percenters like Clifford Sobel, former U.S. ambassador to Brazil and Revlon billionaire chairman and financier Ronald O. Perelman, whose lavish home is said to be the biggest in the area with a reported 40 rooms and 9 fireplaces.

It was a "Tale of two Cities" in that exclusive part of Americana--chanting citizens who shouted from behind the police barriers that it took their fathers a lifetime to save the $50,000 shelled out for a plate of fine cuisine in one evening. Placards and slogans jockeyed for position alongside a glitterati of expensive cars driven by chaffeurs carrying well-dressed patrons, including Mr. presumptive nominee himself, Mitt Romney. protesters upped the ante that weekend. They pulled out all the stops at Charles Koch's abode, driving by with a plastic dog strapped to the roof of a van and even flew a plane overhead with the "Mitt Romney has a Koch problem" theme attached. I know you get the play on words and the dog on car roof reference?

The Libertarian brothers are continually accused of using their billions to sway the political discourse in this country for their ideological and financial gain, and now they are behind Romney, which is greatly troubling to many. Critics say big money in politics corrupts, hijacking the Democratic system America was built on. This "purchasing of our politicians" places most of the power and wealth in the hands of a few and makes "governement for the people, by the people, of the people" obsolete.

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