James Stotter

The president had another one of his strokes of genius, or something. Probably something. He wants to limit the number of men in college who study science. The president, Barack Hussein Obama, we’ll call BHO so as not to confuse him with a cable channel that also produces scary fiction. BHO is in the midst of introducing a number of changes purportedly to “improve” our country in “The World According to BHO.” In reality, he is simply pandering to key electorate groups. If it’s not pandering why are all these changes being proposed shortly before the election to take effect shortly after the election? Regardless let’s explore some of the numerous possibilities.

BHO’s first, as noted above, was his administration’s proposal to limit the number of men who can study math and science in college. This is an interesting interpretation of Title IX, whose objective was to prevent discrimination—-not promulgate it in reverse. Cutting enrollments would cost universities billions in subsidies and tuition. Hey, that’s one way to reduce the budget deficit! Businesses in the U.S. have urgent needs for college graduates in the sciences, and there are insufficient qualified applicants to fill the vacancies. Limiting this labor pool would be a blow to American business. But market forces will then continue attracting more immigrants to fill the needs. So, score one, or maybe two, for diversity.

Another was BHO’s revelation that he lives in a world that has rapidly become known as “you didn’t build that.” This has gone viral so the only thing to add might be that he’s actually lived in that world for some time...ever since he started blaming others for why his policies weren’t producing a good economic recovery. So far, he has listed a variety of scapegoats, including the American consumers for not being spendthrifts, Europeans for sabotaging their own economic experiment, some Asians for being more efficient than we are (wonder how that happened), and Republicans for having the temerity to oppose BHO’s obviously brilliant ideas. At least BHO is consistent. He didn’t screw-up things by himself. Others did it for him. But if that’s the case, what’s the point in re-electing BHO?

Now let’s imagine the consequences if we followed BHO’s logic in Title IX related areas, where there should be proportional participation based not only on gender, but also based on race, religion, and other arbitrary criteria, but not on ability:

  • Women would be on the frontlines in combat, fighting for our country. This might actually help America. How many men ever win fights with their women anyway?
  • No more gender-based dumbing down (excuse me, “norming”) in any competition. For example, on golf courses “ladies tees” and “men’s tees” would be the same. Which one to use would depend on whether one wants a shorter or longer course.
  • We would replace “Amen” with “Awomen” or “Aperson.”
  • In baseball, enough of this lefties at first base business. For the next hundred years only right-handed fielders could play first base.
  • For the next 236 years, the “Founding Fathers” should be replaced by the Founding Mothers. After that, they should be the Founding Parents.
  • We would limit the number of Chinese who can own Chinese restaurants and Chinese laundries.
  • We would limit the number of Jews in medicine, law, and business.
  • We would limit the number of blacks in entertainment and in each professional sport.

And the list of discriminations and exclusions would be endless. But one more item deserves special mention, Mr. President. No woman has ever been president of the United States. So despite the short notice that you seem to think is okay for others, starting in 2012 you should set the example of this wonderful principle you propose by foregoing your bid for another term. Maybe you can persuade Gov. Romney to do the same. Then perhaps the two parties would nominate Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice.

(Just for the record, Mr. President, I DID write this article myself... but I couldn’t have done it without your inspiration.)

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