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Mitt Romney represents an unknown risk for the job of president of the United States. He is not an incumbent and has a very limited public office history, having served only one term as governor of Massachusetts. President Obama has been in office for three years, so the public is more familiar with his policies and character.

Therefore, Romney’s performance in the October presidential debates is more than a chance for voters to get a last look at the candidate before Election Day. What Romney says and does when he stands on stage next to Obama during the presidential debates could swing the outcome of the election.

The following questions are just a sample of what should be on voters minds before they enter the voting booth. If Romney does not reply with coherent, detailed answers, voters will have reason to doubt his character and fitness to hold the office of the presidency. If he replies with sincere, detailed, and reasonable answers, his candidacy will earn credibility.

The Economy

  • Exactly what would you do to create jobs that President Obama has not done?
  • How would you address the issue of America’s growing income inequality gap?
  • Do you support raising the minimum wage?

The Environment

  • The Romney campaign website says that you would repeal many environmental regulations, including a complete repeal of carbon dioxide emissions. Does this mean that you do not support efforts to address climate change?
  • Are you concerned about public health risks with your proposed repeal of other clean air and clean water regulations?
  • How will increasing pollution benefit the American public? Please be specific in your answer.

Health care

  • You have come out in support of the Ryan Budget plan, which ends Medicare as we know it and turns it into a voucher program. What kind of help would you provide for seniors who can’t afford to pay an estimated $6,500 a year for health insurance premiums?
  • If you repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as you have stated you would, will you replace it?
  • If so, how would you provide coverage for the 50 million Americans that would subsequently lose their health insurance if Obamacare is repealed?

Character and integrity

  • Candidates have historically released 10 years or more of their tax returns to demonstrate their financial character to voters. Why have you not released more than 1 year of tax returns?
  • Should you be the only presidential candidate allowed to hide his tax return information from voters?
  • Do the American people have a right to know how you have handled your finances, especially since you have based the main platform of your campaign on claiming to know how to handle money and the economy?

There are numerous questions voters should have answered before making a final decision on whether President Obama or Romney wins their vote.

The best decision is an informed one, so please feel free to visit the website of both presidential candidates to learn more.

Candidate websites

President Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Keep in mind that any candidate can make false claims about their opponent, so be sure to very information with independent, non-partisan sources to keep both of them honest.

Non-partisan sources

Congressional Budget Office



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