Veronica Roberts

The clamor for Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns is growing. Surprisingly, Democrats aren't the only ones calling for tax transparency. Several members of the GOP have joined the call for their presumptive presidential nominee to come clean so that they could "disarm" one of the weapons of the opposition and move on.

Romney has not complied, and on Thursday, his wife came to his defense, giving ABC's "Good Morning America" host Robyn Roberts a piece of her mind on the matter.

Ann Romney not only told Roberts what amounted to go take a hike, she used words that many find condescending and downright snobbish. The ubiquitous "you people" came out of her mouth, and I couldn't believe she said it during the interview.

When Robyn Roberts asked, "why not show it?" in referencing tax returns for more than one year, Ann Romney replied,"We've given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation, about how we live our lives."

All you people need to know? Who is "you people?" Maybe the lady of the manor is so accustom to calling the shots and answering to no one that she forgot for a minute that her husband was fighting for a job where he will work for the people not the other way around.

Maybe she forgot for a minute that she is fighting alongside her husband for the first lady position, where she will also serve her employers, the American people, in a supportive role if hubby manages to get to the Oval Office.

You people? Maybe that's how she speaks to her many maids, pool boys, gardeners and stable hands and it just slipped out. After-all, some habits are hard to break. But a serious attitude adjustment is needed for the missus if she wants to keep up the act that she is an ordinary stay at home mom like the rest of the masses.

If Ann Romney thinks that the voting public doesn't need to know about their finances, her husband is in the wrong business. If she is getting this testy about tax returns, how will she handle being a first lady?

Mitt's fsather George Romney, the governor of Michigan when he ran for president in 1968, did release 12 years worth of tax return at that time, but his son is yet to release even three years.

If this was Obama refusing to release his tax returns and Michelle Obama saying to Robyn Roberts that "you people" do not need to know our business, what do you think the Republican spin doctors would have done? Look what an ongoing circus they made of his birth certificate and citizenship legitimacy.

Click on the above video to hear that part of the interview.

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