Maryann Tobin

House Republicans showed their true colors this week with the Farm Bill, as they took out their proverbial axes and prepared to starve as many low-income people as they could with one massive blow.

What are the Republicans going to do for an encore, kick old ladies down a flight of stairs?

“The House bill passed the committee with strong bipartisan support but exposed a division in the Republican ranks over the size of cuts to the food stamp program, which has long been a target of conservatives,” according to the New York Times. “Much of the savings in the House farm bill comes from cutting food stamps.”

The obvious moral question here is why are Republicans so obsessed with cutting food assistance programs for the poor? And what exactly do they have against food for children?

The $16.5 billion in cuts to food stamps that Republicans want would cause 3 million people to lose their benefits. Furthermore, 300,000 children would no longer be eligible for free school lunches.

The standard Republican line is a sales pitch for deficit reduction that completely ignores the fact that there are human beings on the receiving end of their feed-the-rich, starve-the-poor agenda.

Republicans call food stamps a government handout. But they call corporate welfare incentive for "job creators" who have yet to create jobs, despite more than a decade of massive tax breaks.

Most Americans agree that government spending has to be brought under control. But there is vast difference between how Democrats and Republicans want to achieve that goal.

For Republicans, the mere thought of reverse Robin Hood economics leaves them foaming at the mouth for more. Back in May, House Republicans took no shame in their heartless and insensitive anti-poor agenda.

“House Republicans pushed ahead…with plans to protect increased defense spending without raising taxes, largely by cutting more from domestic programs, including aid to the poor,” according to Politico.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stands squarely behind the party line.

In February, after embarrassing himself by saying he was “not concerned about the very poor,” Mitt Romney explained that the government’s safety net would take care of them, and he promised to repair any holes in the net. That promise didn’t last very long. On Thursday, House Republicans approved, on a party-line vote, a disastrous new budget that would leave millions of struggling families desperate for food, shelter and health care — and Mr. Romney has embraced it,” the New York Times reported.

It’s one thing to promote fiscal responsibility, it’s another to shamelessly punish the single group of people with the fewest lobbyists to speak up for them.

In a schoolyard fight, we would call the Republicans bullies. They beat up the poor like a bully picks on the short third-grader with glasses, who eats an apple in the lunch room instead of greasy French fries like everyone else.

If American voters are smart, they will kick the Republican bullies out. If they don’t, when the party of the rich is done with the poor, they will come after the middle class and turn them into the poor, because bullies are always looking for someone weaker than them to beat up.

Video: Rachel Maddow Expose GOP - Tax cuts On Wealthy and Corps / Tax Increase On Poor And Middle Class

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