Veronica Roberts

Christchurch, UK --With the advent of the Internet, pornography has entered the main stream as never before. Just about anyone has easy access to nudity, sex in varied forms, erotic items and toys, X-rated movies and just about any and everything related to adult XXX entertainment.

Many of these sites have age limits and claim to protect young people under 18 from gaining entry, but who is really policing the World Wide Web? Anyone with a credit card can buy or download adult material and tweens and teens and even younger can easily bypass those lax agreements.

These security measures are so loosely enforced that I have caught minors viewing porn at public libraries. If they can override the system at public facilities, imagine what they can do in the privacy of their homes.

So we know kids are viewing pornography online and off. Which brings up an all-important question: Does being exposed to porn at an early age harm our young? Studies shows adults' addiction to porn can literally wreak havoc on their lives, sending some spiralling into bankruptcy, divorce and social isolation.

What about children? Both boys and girls go through different stages to get to adulthood and natural progression fosters healthy maturity. Beomng pushed, forced or exposed to sexual adult content too early may atrophy that natural development.

Wilma Davidson, therapist and author of the book "The Porn Plague," writes on the danger she feels young people face from watching Internet porn.

In an email to me, Davidson's groundbreaking new book was touted as "an honest and frank insight into both the adult entertainment industry and the risks that children and teenagers face, around the world."

“I wrote the book to be used as a weapon against hardcore pornography,” Davidson explains.

She continues, “It’s a deathly honest account of the possible damage to the emotional, physical and mental health of teenagers, linked to regularly viewing pornography.”

Not only are our children exposed to X-rated material, there is an even more sinister plague out there: underage girls and boys engaged in the sex industry. Pimped out for sex or used in videos.

Sex-trafficking is an additional scourge in our society and the authorities are forever desperately trying to play catch-up with this growing "business." For to those engaged in this pervasive trade, money is the end-all, and millions of dollars are being made from stealing children's innocence, bodies and souls.

"The Porn Plague," sold at, also deals with the above epidemic, including warning signs, addiction and the damage to brain chemicals, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, anal bleaching, genital surgery, the Brazilian Wax, abortion, hormone disruption, texting and gang rape.

What do you think: Is porn a plague to our young or much ado about an over-blown problem? Give your views below.