Veronica Roberts

I came across this video by a 6-year-old boy Albert from Florida and couldn't believe the cheesy blatant sexual innuendoes glaringly pushed on this kid. With his belly button on the 'outy' side of things and his grown-up hairdo and gestures, he makes an incredibly odd and unsettling sight. For him to be out there doing this video means his parents signed off on the venture. Why would they think it was a great idea for their young son to be thrust into music with adult themes? I guess it's too much to ask of parents who couldn't have his navel properly done?

The youngster is seen surrounded by women in skimpy swimwear in a pool gyrating in heavily sexual poses while he shoots off a water-gun at some of the buxom babes in an obviously corny attempt at more blatant sexualized gestures.

Where are his parents and what were they thinking? If this was a girl and the gyrating grown-ups men instead of women, would your reaction be different? We have seen young girls pushed unto stages to strut like over-done dolls, in adult make-up and get-up during child beauty pageants. The sexualizing of these children is highly troubling to many, except of course their beaming mothers. Is this the same thing with the opposite sex being used?

The video has gotten over a million views on YouTube and this brings up an even more disturbing question. Does the public interest run on the seedier side and thus helps fuel this kind of child exploitaion?

What do you think of the video? Innocent, talented fun or child exploitation?